Gods Global Tohuw and Bohuw Judgement

The Bible is abundantly clear that the inspired Hebrew words tohuw and bohuw in Genesis 1:2, when used together, are the descriptive words for God's global judgement.

The Hebrew word tohuw occurs 20 times in the Old Testament with meanings of chaotic, nothing, confusion, waste, wilderness, emptiness, formless and vain. The best meaning of tohuw in Genesis 1:2 is chaotic. Something that is in a confused, wasted, empty, flooded and dark state is obviously in a chaotic state.

The Hebrew word bohuw occurs 3 times in the Old Testament with meanings of void and waste. We believe God inspired the use of the Hebrew word bohuw in Genesis 1:2 to reinforce the meaning of tohuw, which we have just shown means chaotic. So a better translation of bohuw in this verse is wasted and not void.

Since God did not create the earth in a chaotic and wasted state in the beginning, then it must have become chaotic and wasted at a later date. This is exactly what happened to the earth, because the better translation of the Hebrew word hayah in Genesis 1:2 is became, as given in Strong's number H1961.

Therefore, a more accurate translation of Genesis 1:2 is:

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