Firstly heaven means the visible sky or earths atmosphere Secondly heavens means the Universe

Thirdly, heaven means the dwelling place of God, where God's throne is presently located somewhere in the Universe.

'Heaven' and 'heavens' are translations of the Hebrew word shamayim and the Greek word ouranos. Both of these Hebrew and Greek words can be translated into the singular form 'heaven' or the plural form 'heavens' depending on the context in Scripture. In some verses, Bible translators of the NKJV and many other versions of the Bible have confused the plural form with the singular form and vice versa, as in the case of 2 Peter 3:12-13 discussed previously. When the context of a verse refers to the earth's atmosphere, the sky or the current dwelling place of God, then the singular form 'heaven' is correct. However, when the context of a verse refers to the universe, then the plural form heavens is correct. The following are examples of scripture verses which demonstrate the three meanings of heaven/heavens:

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