Ezekiel 361618

16 Moreover the word of the LORD came to me, saying: 17 "Son of man, when the house of Israel dwelt in their own land, they defiled it by their own ways and deeds; to Me their way was like the uncleanness of a woman in her customary impurity. 18 Therefore I poured out My fury on them for the blood they had shed on the land, and for their idols with which they had defiled it.

After the Exodus from Egypt in 1491 B.C., the children of Israel finally occupied a part of the Promised Land known as Canaan, under the leadership of Joshua. Only those who were under the age of twenty, with the exception of Caleb and Joshua, entered the land after forty years of wandering and judgement in the wilderness of Sinai. The rest of the Israelites could not enter because of their unbelief.

After entering the Promised Land, the children of Israel failed to keep the Mosaic Covenant, so God judged them severely. He allowed foreign armies to invade and remove them from their land, and scattered them among the Gentile nations.

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