Evangelism in this Present

The Bible is clear that as this present age comes to an end with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the full gospel of the Kingdom of God will be preached in all the world as a witness.

We are living in perilous and momentous times near the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus warns that many false teachers and prophets will arise claiming to be followers of Christ and they will deceive many. This is happening on a massive scale today. Our present world has never seen so much growth in the preaching of 'another gospel' through the media of the internet, television, radio and millions of books. Christianity has become a big multi-billion dollar business, promising health and wealth in the name of Jesus and offering 'salvation' from a burning hell by using the formula of reciting a sinner's prayer. However, it is prophesied by Jesus Christ Himself that the true gospel of the Kingdom of God will also be preached to all nations before He returns to this earth.

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