Evangelism in the Great White Throne Judgement

At the end of the Millennial Age, all unbelievers (including the goat nations) will rise in their immortal yet still unsaved bodies to enter the Great White Throne Judgement Age. The work of evangelism will continue for Jesus and His Bride as they evangelise these unbelievers in Lake of Fire. Ultimately, all unbelievers will be drawn from darkness into light to understand the full work of the cross, repent and through God given faith freely accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for their salvation.

The work of evangelism will continue until all things are reconciled to God the Father and Jesus Christ shouts those glorious words 'IT IS DONE' in fulfillment of God's Plan of the Ages. This is when Father God Himself will descend from heaven unto this cleansed and renewed earth to tabernacle with men and be ALL in ALL for eternity.

God has been calling and preparing His Elect, for a special salvation to work with Him in this great and wonderful work of evangelism, which will continue beyond this age until all people are reconciled to God.

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