Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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It is clear to us that Bible translators have been hugely influenced by the deeply entrenched false doctrine of Eternal Torture in Hell, first championed by Augustine and embraced by the Roman Catholic Church in 553 AD. Perhaps there is no other single theologian, who has exerted as much influence as Augustine on Roman Catholicism and Protestantism throughout the history of Christianity, since the fourth century.

Augustine was steeped in pagan philosophy and religion before he converted to Roman Catholicism, and the doctrine of hell is entirely pagan in its origin. Besides the false doctrine of Eternal Torture in Hell, Augustine also promoted the doctrines of Purgatory, the Immortality of the Soul and Amillennium, which are all unbiblical teachings.

The Holy Spirit transcends any and all human interpretation and translation errors and we believe that the time has come for the Christian world to know and understand the FULL gospel of Jesus Christ. At this present time, God's Holy Spirit is increasingly revealing the glorious and powerful truth of Biblical Universal Reconciliation to many Christians worldwide. Praise be to God.

This book God's Plan for All has twenty chapters and it is free on-line for all to read. However, we strongly recommend that you purchase a hard copy, which is now available, as it is much easier to read, study and discuss its contents with the book in your hand rather than on your computer screen.

We are sure that God inspired us to write God's Plan for All, and we ourselves are amazed to read its contents. There are many wonderful, powerful and eye-opening truths revealed in this book. Truths, clearly explained with plain biblical texts. You will never regret purchasing God's Plan for All. There has been no such book written in the history of Christianity.

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About Us

I. Introduction

1 The Authority of the Bible

1 Universal

Reconciliation Scriptures

4, The Sever Foundational Biblical Truths

S, The Seven Ages in God's Plan For All

6, The Pre-Adamit Age

1, God's Purpose for Israel

8. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

9, The Truth of God's Elect - The Bride of Christ

10, The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

11. The Millennial Kingdom of God

12, The Great White Throne Judgement

11, The Judgement £ Reconciliation of Satan

14. The Eternal Kingdom of God

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