The Truth Of Gods Elect The Bride Of Christ

Scripture references are from the New King James Version of the Bible unless stated otherwise.

God's chosen people are called His Elect. All people, from and including Adam and Eve to this present time, fall into one of two categories: God's Elect or the Non-Elect. However, the Non-Elect are not condemned to a hell of eternal torture as believed in Calvinism. Ultimately, in God's time and in His order, all people without exception are destined to be reconciled to God through the work of the Cross. The key focus of the Bible is the story of God's Elect, right from Genesis through to Revelation.

Abel was the first of God's Elect mentioned in the Bible. Let us now consider the story of Abel and Cain and learn the very important truth of the Doctrine of Election right from the dawn of man's history.

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