Understanding Evil And Suffering

Scripture references are from the New King James Version of the Bible unless stated otherwise.

If God is Love, and He is, then why does He allow so much evil and suffering in this world? This is the big question, which has plagued and challenged the minds of many theologians and philosophers for centuries. Volumes have been written under the general title, 'The Problem of Evil' in order to try to make sense of the painful reality of the existence of evil and suffering.

We first started writing God's Plan for All at the end of December 2004. This was the time when the devastating Tsunami occurred near Indonesia and struck the coastal regions of many countries in its path, including Indonesia, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka. The Tsunami ultimately claimed the lives of nearly 250,000 men, women and children. Many Christian pastors hopelessly tried to make sense of this devastating catastrophe, and urged their congregations to give support in prayers and finances to the suffering survivors, several millions of people in Southern Asia. This prayer and financial support though sincere is, however, strange and confusing when it is understood that the theology of most of these pastors has already condemned all of the victims who died (except for any true believers) to unimaginable endless torture in hell, at the hands of a loving and just God. How could all those children who lost their parents as a result of the Tsunami be consoled by Christian prayers and financial support if the doctrine of hell were true, and their parents are now in hell suffering torture, which never ends?

Let us now consider an example of strange Christian love for the victims of man's inhumanity to man. Christian Zionism, which supports Israel politically, is very much on the increase. Many Zionist Christians speak strongly against the atrocities committed by Hitler who tortured and murdered over six million Jews. Of course, what Hitler did against the Jews was unbelievably horrific. The point we are trying to get across is that the theology of many Christians has already condemned all of the victims of Hitler's holocaust to unimaginable endless torture in hell, trillions of times more painful than Hitler could ever devise, to be experienced immediately after their horrific death, at the hands of a loving and just God.

One thing is clear that any person who believes in the traditional Christian doctrine of hell has no credible answer to give as to why a loving and just God allows so much evil and suffering. There are three important biblical truths which we need to grasp before we can understand the reason for the existence of evil and suffering. Let us understand these biblical truths.

1. God is responsible for the existence of ALL evil and suffering without being evil Himself.

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