Biblical Universalism Versus Unbiblical Universalis

When we first understood the biblical truth of Universal Reconciliation, we were very eager to get in touch with fellow Christians who believed in biblical universalism too. We visited and studied a number of websites, which teach Universal Reconciliation. However, to our disappointment, we did not come across one single Christian Universalist site, which we considered clearly explained, the biblical truth of Universal Reconciliation. Most sites have fragments of the truth but fail to understand God's Plan for All of how exactly God will save and reconcile ALL people. Some Universalist sites teach doctrines which are simply not in the Bible. We have written this section on our website to warn all of our readers and also fellow Universalists about unbiblical teachings found on Universalist websites.

There are seven biblical truths that differentiate Biblical Universalism from unbiblical Universalism. These are:

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