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The Festal Letters

(1) A Syriac manuscript in the British Library (Add. ms. 14569) preserves the first half of a corpus of the letters together with a scholarly apparatus supplied by an Alexandrian editor not long after Athanasius's death. The text of this manuscript was published by William Cureton in 1848 in a disordered state it had been acquired by the British Museum in two batches and arrived in London not as a continuous manuscript, but as a collection of single leaves in two instalments.7 In 1853 Cureton's text, restored to its proper order, was reprinted by Cardinal Mai, together with a Latin version made by Mai on the basis of a literal rendering into Italian by a Maronite scholar in Rome.8 This Latin version, subsequently reprinted by J. P. Migne (PG 26.1351-1432), became the standard 'text' of the Letters used in scholarly writing about Athanasius. Unfortunately, Cureton originally overlooked two leaves of the manuscript, which he consequently omitted from his edition. Although he soon...

Masonic Fronts Set Up

In the light of all their sucesses, they were not content to allow the real Pope Paul VI to continue. He was too slow with change. In the 1970's, an imposter Pope, a look alike, replaced him. Voice analysis proves the two men were not the same. The nose and the ears were not the same. The imposter was far sighted, the real Pope Paul VI was short sighted. It is claimed that the real Pope Paul VI could speak English and Latin. Others say he couldn't speak English. When the imposter spoke on radio, a voice could be heard coaching him from the background. Still most people continued as they have always done, just accepting whatever they are told. If they are told that this is Pope Paul VI, then that is who he is, end of discussion.

Edward Vi The Enforcement Of Protestantism

Under the terms of his will, his successor was beyond dispute the nine-year-old Prince Edward, Henry's son by his third wife, Jane Seymour, was the only male Tudor heir to the throne after the death of his father. There was no question of the legitimacy of the succession. It is, however, a moot point whether one can really speak of Edward exercising kingship in either a personal or possessive sense during his brief reign.18 Power would lie in the hands of those who advised and protected him, above all John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, and the king's protector, Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset.19 The religious changes unleashed during Edward's brief reign would have a formative impact on the shaping of the Church of England, and through it, on determining the contours of the English-speaking Protestant world.

The Search for an Invulnerable Area for Faith

Bultmann's principal contribution to our story lies in his development of what quickly became known in the English-speaking world as 'form criticism' ,29 In this he was building on the work of two immediate predecessors. Julius Wellhausen had demonstrated that in each of the Synoptic Gospels one can distinguish between old tradition and the editorial contribution of the Evangelists. It is the editorial work and concerns of the Evangelist which have given each Gospel its present form, whereas the earlier tradition consists chiefly of single brief units.30 K. L. Schmidt had gone on to examine the connecting links which join together the separate episodes in Mark's Gospel. He concluded that almost all the references to time and place are to be found in the verses which connect the single narratives into the larger whole that is, they are part of the editorial work of the Evangelist. It also follows that the original tradition was made up almost entirely of brief, single units which lack...

How Little Most People Know About Judaism

York Barnes & Noble, 1974) Rabbi Elmer Berger, The Jewish Dilemma The Case Against Zionist Nationalism (New York Devin-Adair, 1945). The major published English-speaking critic of Zionism is Alfred M. Lilienthal What Price Israel (Chicago Regnery, 1953) There Goes the Middle East (NewYork Devin-Adair, 1957) TheZionist Connection What Price Peace (New York Dodd, Mead, 1978).

The Global Expansion Of Protestantism

With the expansion of Protestant sea power, Protestant European nations were able to establish colonies, which allowed the model of evangelism determined by confessionalized churches to come into operation. A colony was a region under the authority of the state therefore, the state church was able to exercise a pastoral and evangelistic mission within this region. We have already noted this principle in operation in the establishment of the Jamestown colony in Virginia. It is thus no accident that the first major Lutheran mission, located in India, was a direct result of a Danish crown colony being created at Seramp-ore. After the establishment of Dutch colonies in Indonesia (then known as the East Indies ), Reformed churches were founded in that region. However, because Britain was by far the most active colonial power, English-speaking forms of Protestantism became widely established through imperial expansion, especially in the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean, and Australasia.

Tale of Two Cities Past and Future

A period of growing peace and prosperity will ensue. A great worldwide trading combine will seem to offer incredible profits to international cartels. Later, responding to crises involving both the Middle East and the English-speaking nations, this leader will move with lightning speed and iron determination. Annulling a treaty previously made with the Jewish state, his armies will overwhelm Jerusalem and will take half of the city into captivity (Zechariah 14 2). At the same time, an attack of overwhelming force will be launched on America, Britain, Canada and related nations (for details of the prophecies relating to this event, write for our free booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy).

Types of Mediation and Complementarity between Theology and Science

Charles Hodge was professor of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary for fifty-eight years. As the leader of what came to be called the Princeton Theology, he was arguably the most influential conservative evangelical theologian in the English-speaking world. His three-volume Systematic Theology (1872-1873) is used today in some conservative theological schools. One of Hodge's principal interests was the relationship between theology and science. He believed in the real unity of natural and revealed truth and the complementarity of theology

The Background To The English Civil

The English Civil War was one of the most significant intellectual and political landmarks in the history of English-speaking Protestantism. Until the end of the Second World War, this pivotal event in English history tended to be evaluated from the perspective of the ultimate winners the royalists and Anglicans and thus a critical, often abusive, account of the agendas and concerns of both Parliamentarianism and Puritanism.9 In the 1960s, the history of the English Civil War was rewritten. Puritanism, it was now believed, was a less radical force than had hitherto been believed. In line with the broader revisionist perspective that was then sweeping the field of seventeenth-century English history, Puritans were seen as deeply conservative figures who were closely allied with the political and religious establishments in England until the hostility of Charles I's regime forced them into violent opposition. Unsurprisingly, the winds of historiographical change have changed direction...

Printing Makes a Difference

Orthodox Judaism by 1952 had at long last provided the English-speaking public with an officially sanctioned, expensively published version of the Talmud seemingly unexpurgated, fully annotated, and professionally edited. Until the era of the Industrial Revolution, the Talmud was regarded by all Jews except a handful of Karaites as the sacred oral tradition of Judaism. Orthodox Jews should therefore not object when a gentile reads the Talmud, cites it verbatim, and criticizes it whenever he can demonstrate that it is obviously at odds with non-Talmudic morality. What else did they expect when they published it They should refrain from criticizing gentiles who are critical of the Talmud's ethics unless they are prepared to discuss these issues in public without appealing to the escape hatch of an even more authoritative secret oral tradition which cannot lawfully be revealed.

Showing The Fly The Way Out Of The Bottle

This strategy is not as trivial as it first appears. Imagine the skeptic standing in a downpour asking How do I know that I am wet For Wittgenstein, no puzzle surrounds the concept know that is not simultaneously solved by attention to the grammar of the word wet. We learned the concept wet by being drilled by our mothers Come in out of the rain this instant You're soaking wet Standing in the rain, wetting our beds, spilling on our shirts, falling down in puddles, and the like, comprise a complicated form of life in which young English speakers are socialized into correct usage of the term wet. Thus, the adult who speaks the word in the context of a steady rain already correctly uses the concept, which is to say, coherent with the way the rest of the linguistic community uses the term. This habitual reflex for correct usage is what we mean, at bottom, by retorting to the skeptic, You're all wet

Kierkegaards Achievement

In Britain, it was the Scottish theologians H. R. Mackintosh and P. T. Forsyth who did more than anyone to introduce Kierkegaard to the British public. In Britain and America, however, Kierkegaard's influence remained insignificant until after the Second World War, when the translations undertaken by Alexander Dru, David F. Swenson, and Walter Lowrie made Kierkegaard known in the English-speaking world. It was above all in Germany, however, that Kierkegaard's influence was most keenly felt. Although the first German translations of Kierkegaard's works had begun to appear in the 1860s, the First World War and the subsequent disintegration of the optimism and historicism of prewar liberal theology lent a new significance to Kierkegaard's work and led to him becoming a significant figure on the German theological and philosophical landscape. Kierkegaard's exposition of the human condition, his emphasis on the transcendence of God, the paradoxical nature of the incarnation, and the leap...

The Ghost in the Machine

With search engines like Google and the expanding availability of databases through URLs, an invisible grid of nearly infinite information has come to permeate space. And now with wireless technology, this grid can be accessed from practically anywhere. One recent commercial for AT&T's wireless service, mlife, consists of a long montage of the navels of people of all shapes and sizes - an old man getting dressed, a beer belly at a barbeque, a woman body builder flexing, a belly dancer, a toddler in a sandbox - and concludes in a hospital delivery room with a woman giving birth, nurses stretching out the newborn's umbilical cord and a doctor picking up surgical scissors. The closing voiceover intones We are meant to lead a wireless life. Now we truly can. Welcome to mlife. From AT&T Wireless. We are invited into a new phase of life, or mlife, which has come about as the result of a painful process, but the message is that this newest advance in telecommunications is part of the...

Character and the Durable Self

Writing in the early 1970s, Hauerwas sees two parallel tendencies in the theological and philosophical approaches that dominated midcentury English-speaking academic life. By his reading, much of Protestant thought has been preoccupied with the metaphor of command. An anxiety about righteousness through works leads to the presumption that an exaggerated emphasis on sanctification undermines the doctrine of justification.3 This theological outlook consistently blocks the development of a vocabulary to describe continuing human participation in divine purposes. Without continuing participation, the power of Christianity can easily seem occasional and ephemeral. It has to do with the vertical dimension of transcendence, not the horizontal dimension of everyday life. Furthermore, modern anxieties about scientific determinism have tempted modern moralists to secure a zone of indeterminate freedom as the realm of values. Free decisions are seen as the key moments of moral significance in...

The Talmud A Closed Book Even When Open

Most Christians have never heard of the Talmud. I have never met a Christian who claims to have read all of it, meaning all 34 fat volumes. It was a closed book for English-speaking people until the 1950's. In effect, it still is.1 The Christian (and probably the non-Orthodox Jew) who may have heard of it but who has never read in it probably believes that it is a large Bible commentary on the Old Testament. This assumption is incorrect.

The newer literary criticism

Other turn is in a literary direction. The Bible as Literature used to be regarded by serious biblical scholars as a dilettante interest, and some students of literature (C. S. Lewis would be an obvious example) agreed, seeing it as an attempt to water down the Bible's religious claim. In any case it tended, in the English-speaking world, to be shorthand for praising the Authorized Version, rather than engaging with biblical criticism. But since the 1980s, secular literary critics have begun to take the Bible in its original languages seriously as great world literature. One of the first was Frank Kermode with The Genesis of Secrecy (1979), a sophisticated study of Mark's Gospel in the light of parallels in English literature, especially in the work of James Joyce. He and Robert Alter, a (Jewish) professor of comparative literature in California, joined forces to produce The Literary Guide to the Bible (1987), in which each biblical book is analyzed in a literary, rather than a...

The Old Testament as Scripture

The Biblical Theology Movement, mentioned above, was also influential in the English-speaking world in rehabilitating the Old Testament. It often argued that the New Testament itself could only be understood if read with Hebrew categories of thought in mind. The figures of George Ernest Wright in the USA (see Wright 1952) and Alan Richardson in Britain (see Richardson 1950) were important in this Movement. Thus a considerable rearguard action was fought against any desire to remove the Old Testament from effective Christian Scripture. The tendency of church lectionaries (especially the Revised Common Lectionary) to include more Old Testament readings is also a factor here.

Preface and Acknowledgements

The project of interpreting and defending Kant's Religion is tackled in Chris L. Firestone and Nathan Jacobs, In Defense of Kant's Religion (Bloomington Indiana University Press, 2008). Jacobs joined me in this work back when one project was turning into two. Little did I know at the time that six more years, rather than months, would be needed to complete this 'preliminary' project. I am happy to report that that work is now complete. Its purpose is to offer an interpretation of Kant's Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason (or Religion) that is both consonant with Kant's critical philosophy and internally coherent - something that to my mind has not yet appeared in English-speaking Kant-studies. What distinguishes our book from others in the field is its sustained optimism over Kant's coherence amid a strict attentiveness to the details of Kant's arguments in Religion and the many attacks waged against the text by Kant's critics. Modelled on a trial format, the book begins...

Rudolf Otto

If we consider only the English-speaking countries, a future generation may perhaps judge that no writer did more to introduce or render more effective this new spirit in the study of religion than William James in his famous Gift'ord lectures on The Varieties of Religious Experience, published just over twenty years ago (1902). In any case the title of that book might be taken as giving the chief characteristics of that spirit, the preoccupation with religion in all its manifold forms as a specific experience, rather than as either the vehicle of a system of dogma or metaphysics on the one hand or as simply the emotional' heightening' of morality on the other. This latter view is well represented by Matthew Arnold, himself in many respects a very typical child of his age and Arnold's well-known phrase that 'the true meaning of religion is morality touched by emotion ' is a fair expression of the limita

Source criticism

In the English-speaking world, acceptance of the Wellhausen hypothesis came about through the work of the Scottish scholar William Robertson Smith (1846-94) and an Oxford Professor of Hebrew, Samuel Rolles Driver (1846-1914). Subsequent scholars refined and revised Wellhausen's analysis. Especially in the German-speaking world work on this continues, with highly sophisticated theories about the composition of the Old Testament books. In the historical books, for example - those running from Joshua to Kings - a widely accepted theory postulates many sources and several layers of editorial work, with sigla such as DtrG, DtrP, and DtrN used freely in the scholarly literature. To the non-specialist reader, they impart an air of mystery, but are a shorthand way of signaling the composite character of these books, which tell a continuous story but one that is far from straightforward in its literary origins.

Sheridan Gilley

The nineteenth century was a period of paradox in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. It was an age of revival, especially through the growth of active religious orders of women, and the strengthening of Catholicism in areas in which it suffered from disadvantage or minority status - Germany, Holland, the British Isles and the English-speaking world-while coming under pressure or persecution in the traditionally Catholic Latin states of southern Europe and South America. Both renewal and decline had, however, a common strand, the new or neo-Ultramontane movement to exalt the authority of the pope as an inspiration for revival and a defence against decline among the 'integrally' religious. Neo-Ultramontanism was the trades unionism of priests resistant to bishops in France, the protection of bishops resistant to the state in Spain and Prussia, and the enthusiasm among converts from Protestantism to Catholicism resistant to various forms of unbelief in England, and among Catholics...

The South Pacific

Hawaii (known as the Sandwich Islands in earlier centuries) in the north to New Zealand in the south, including Tahiti and Pitcairn Island. Micronesia refers to the group of small islands between Hawaii and the Philippines, including the Caroline, Gilbert, and Marshall Islands. Melanesia refers to the group of islands south of Micronesia and north of Australia, including Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and the New Hebrides. The population of this vast and dispersed region is relatively small however, it was considered by nineteenth-century Protestant missionaries to be of major importance. Indeed, the predominant form of Christianity initially established in the region in the early nineteenth century was English-speaking Protestantism.

Ok Two Minds

The main handicap facing the contributors was that, in the English-speaking countries especially, the activities of scholars researching the confrontations and interactions of sociology and theology had in the past more often than not been distrusted by follow-workers in one discipline and ignored in the other, so earlier explorations had been few and scattered. It was hoped that this book's publication would help to put in focus urgent central questions about the future possibilities of sociology as well as of theology, and also help us look with new eyes at certain problems in the sociology of knowledge. However, the situation in these areas has not dramatically changed during the years since the lx ok's first appearance. The publishers of this new edition thought it would be helpful to make Sociology and Theology Alliance and Conflict available again, to a new generation. The text is unchanged except for this radically overhauled and extended Introduction.

Martin E Marty

Through the period, the overwhelmingly predominant religion was Christianity among Christians, Protestantism possessed a near monopoly and among Protestants, English-speaking Protestants made up a majority. They played the most visible role in the Revolution and in the shaping of national life. As for the others in a population estimated at 2.5-3 million people at the time of the nation's founding in 1787, African American slaves counted for little in public life, deprived as they were of rights. Demographers estimate that approximately 30,000 citizens of colonies were Roman Catholics, most of them living in Maryland and Pennsylvania. While Catholics and the very few Jews played their parts in the Revolution, any strong national influence on their part would await the immigration of their fellow-adherents decades after 1815.

David Bebbingtgn

Charles Haddon Spurgeon epitomised the success of nineteenth-century voluntary religion. From the early 1860s to the beginning of the 1890s the celebrated Baptist preached regularly at his Metropolitan Tabernacle to congregations of around 6,000 people. His vivid, witty and uninhibited approach in the pulpit made him one ofthe sights of London. By 1865 his sermons had a weekly sale of some 25,000 copies and were syndicated to newspapers throughout the English-speaking world. Although he enjoyed none of the privileges of the established Church of England - and in part because of that circumstance -Spurgeon achieved enormous popularity. The Nonconformists of England whom he championed were at the height of their influence. The descendants of the Puritans, who had left the established church in the seventeenth century and whose ranks had been augmented in the eighteenth by the Methodists, had grown to a position of rough numerical equality with the Church of England. In 1851 whereas some...

James Alison

I point this out not because I want to claim that it is a particularly Catholic thing, but rather because there is no evidence at all that being Catholic makes any of us less likely to have been affected by this huge change in social perception, which has worked its way through English speaking society, and, at different speeds and in different ways, through at least those other societies with whose languages and cultures I am familiar.


I must finally give a particular acknowledgement to Francesca Murphy, who took the initiative in making this English translation and who has made many ameliorations to the original French text in the course of completing it. My gratitude is all the more active because the making of the translation has created the opportunity for stimulating and fraternal dialogue with a spirited theologian and a sister in the Order of St Dominic. In her patient and determined withstanding of my suggestions, Francesca Murphy has reminded me of the meaning of St Thomas' remark that, 'while safeguarding the meaning of the truths which he translates, a good translator must adapt his style to the spirit of the language in which he expresses it'. If this work holds the attention of English-speaking readers, the credit belongs to Francesca Murphy. Both the author and translator are grateful for the work of David Sanders.


The wave of revolutions that swept across the Atlantic world in the later eighteenth century originated in developments that are largely outside the concern of this volume. In their long-term development, the revolutions can be linked to geopolitical competition for empire and the profits of maritime trade, especially the struggle between Great Britain and France. In the aftermath of Britain's victory in the Seven Years' War, the English-speaking colonies in North America violently resisted efforts by the British parliament to impose greater fiscal and political control over its expanded land empire, and this resistance led between 1775 and 1783 to a declaration of independence, a prolonged war, and the formation of a new republic. The French Revolution began in 1789 as a direct result of the monarchy's efforts to stave off fiscal collapse resulting from a century of imperial conflict, including France's military intervention in the American war. This is not to say, however, that the...

C The Major Options

English-speaking It is also the view strongly promoted within the Je we find that all components of the Son of Man Jesus tradition are present Jesus used the phrase precisely to indicate both his expectation of suffering and his confidence in vindication. Here the Passion predictions come immediately to the fore. The line of interpretation proved very attractive to English-speaking scholarship as the main alternative to the dominant German view.126

Which Version

Reliable English study Bible than the KJV. The KJV translators not only provided an accurate English translation 68 of the best manuscript tradition, but they masterfully rendered the English in a literary style befitting the dignity of Sacred Writ.69 Although publishers have hoped to multiply their profits by producing a version which would replace the KJV, it still remains the most trusted Bible for the majority of English-speaking Christians.

New England Colonies

In response, the colonial legislature of Massachusetts passed the Massachusetts Law of 1642, directing town officials to determine whether children were being trained in learning and labor and other employments profitable to the Commonwealth, and if they were being instructed to read and understand the principles of religion and the capital laws of the country. Violators were subject to fines. This was the first time in the English-speaking world that a representative body of a state government had ordered mandatory reading instruction for all children.

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We are a non-profit organization and require financial support to expand the internet coverage of these studies. At present they are in English language only and need to be translated into the language of non-English speaking countries. If the studies have blessed you, in the return you can bless those who have not yet been able to read them by supporting this ministry. To donate, please click on the PayPal link below

Readers Note

In the present volume, we have tried to follow the general rule of listing authors under their first names. However, when someone's second name is more often used in public than his or her first name, or when the dominant use in the English-speaking world is the Latin and English form of a Jewish or Arabic author's name, we have gone with the more usual name form. We have also tried, however, to give the alternative name in its proper order, indicating likewise where the entry is located. Peter Abelard thus is listed under Peter, but with an indication telling the reader to search under Abelard. Likewise, Rushd, ibn will be listed, and at that spot the reader will be told to see Averroes.


Not of this fold (Gentiles) will also take the Name of the Groom. We'll discuss this in greater detail here. The word Gospel is one of many words we have inherited from dead translators that has taken on a kind of life of its own. Even encyclopedias admit that it is a bit fuzzy . Scholars accept the term, but both what it is, and how the term came into use, are not clearly understood. The word's meaning and use is the result of our imitating each other for centuries, or our attempting to say the same thing everyone around us is saying. People who want to defend the altered names and other words they are conditioned to use by imitation sometimes will say, Well, I speak English, and not some foreign language. English is like a wide river with many other languages flowing into it. Gospel is Celtic. Evangelical is Greek (from euangelion, meaning message, or report). It became the Latin word evangelium. You can see the word angel in both, which simply means messenger. Epistle is Greek for...

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