ARCIC Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission CCA The Cambridge Companion to Augustine CCSL Corpus Christianorum Series Latina

CIH Corpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum IV, Insciptiones Sabaeas et Himiariticas continens, vols I—III, 1889-1927

DAS Divino Afflante Spiritu

DV Dei Verbum

EI2 Encyclopaedia of Islam, 2nd edn

EIS Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam

HG Humani Generis

ISIM The International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World, Leiden

PD Providentissimus Deus

Q. The Holy Qur'an reg. regnavit (reigned)

SOAS The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

To the Memory of my beloved mother, Olive Christine Netton

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