Prolife Truth Orthodox John Paul Ii

78. Theology - FELLCATH.HTM - Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Rev. Donald Wuerl

This 1978 article by Fr Wuerl (now Bishop of Pittsburgh) recalls the confusion sowed by wayward theologians after Vatican II, and presents the formation of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars in 1977 as a move to restore Catholic scholarship to conformity with the Magisterium of the Church. FIDELITY WITNESS LAITY

79. Theology - CATHLAIT.HTM - Final Message of Catholic Laity World Congress of Catholic Laity

At the end of the World Congress of the Catholic Laity, held in Rome from 25 to 30 November 2000, the participants issued a Final Message, summed up in the words, "We discover ourselves to be called actively to participate in the Church's evangelizing mission. For us laity, our mission is in the world." MILLENIUM MARTYR GLOBALIZATION ECUMEN

80. Theology - festaustin.htm - For the Feast of St. Augustine: August 28 Vittorino Grossi

For the Feast of St. Augustine, 2006, Father Grossi showed the close connection, in the great Latin Doctor, between the Body of Christ, the Eucharist, and the Body of Christ, the Church. UNITY COMMUNION

81. THEOLOGY - JAKI.HTM - Fr. Stanley L. Jaki on Science as a Pathway to God John J. Mulloy

The primary theme of Fr. Jaki's book 'The Road of Science and the Ways to God', is this principle: that a rational belief in the existence of a Creator, and of an ordered universe which He has created and governs, played a crucial role in the rise of science in Western culture and in all of its great creative advances. This article was taken from 'The Dawson Newsletter,' Spring 1995. MULLOY JAKI SCIENCE GOD GIFFORD LECTURES

82. Theology - FELICHV2.HTM - From the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes to the Encyclical Humanae Vitae

Cardinal Pericle Felici

Taking up his argument from an earlier article (LOR 26 Sep 68), the Cardinal fully documents his thesis that Pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae was entirely consistent with the pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes of Vatican II, and not a departure, as some theologians argued. He shows the concepts operating in the discussions which preceded, and resulted in, Gaudium et Spes, and which generally reflect the same moral perspective as Humanae Vitae, most notably in regard to contraception. MARRIAGE PARENTHOOD PROCREATION MAGISTERIUM

83. THEOLOGY - FUNMOR.HTM - Fundamental Moral CONSCIENCE Attitudes Dietrich von Hildebrand

1950 In this book von Hildebrand points out that 'moral values are the highest among all natural values. Positive moral values are the focus of the world; negative moral values, the greatest evil, worse than suffering, sickness or death. REVERENCE FAITHFULNESS AWARENESS OF RESPONSIBILITY VERACITY GOODNESS

84. Theology - ZVOCATIO.HTM - Germain Grisez on Personal Vocations ZENIT

An interview with Germain Grisez, professor of Christian ethics at Mount St. Mary's College and Seminary,

Emmitsburg, Maryland, in which the theologian calls attention to three levels of vocation: 1) of all the baptized to a Christian life, 2) to a certain state in life, and 3) to the particular plan God has for each of our lives. It's the last that needs to be emphasized in catechesis. RELIGIOUS PRIESTHOOD LAITY DISCERNMENT MARRIAGE SINGLE CLERICALISM CONSECRATED LIFE

85. Theology - ARCICGF1.HTM - Gift of Authority ARCIC

This document of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Theological Commission (ARCIC) represents the fruit of ecumenical dialogue on the subject of authority in the Church. It remains to be studied by the ecclesial authorities of the Anglican Communion and the Apostolic See. Released at the same time are a statement of the Co-Chairmen of ARCIC, the document itself Gift of Authority, and a commentary on it by Fr. William Henn, OFM Capuchin. ECUMENISM EPISCOPAL POPE PAPAL PRIMACY TRADITION

86. THEOLOGY - GNOSIS.HTM - Gnosis, A Faith Without Reality Massimo Borghesi

Idealism, or modern gnosis, is the speculative basis of "the philosophy of the non-event", the philosophy of the resurrection without the bodily risen Jesus Christ. An article from "30Days" Issue #5, 1996, on the tendency among many in the Church to idealize the Resurrection--that is to make of it a product of Faith rather than primarily an historical fact.

87. THEOLOGY - JM2404.HTM - God and Science Jacques Maritain

This article, transcribed from a carbon copy of a typewritten manuscript, deals with the relation of modern science to man's knowledge of God.

88. THEOLOGY - GODTRANS.HTM - God Transcends All Cardinal John Joseph Wright

A homily delivered during Mass for the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, on the 8th March, 1971, in the "Angelicum" by His Eminence Cardinal John Joseph Wright.

89. Theology - SIPGIFTS.HTM - God's Greatest Gifts: The Commandments and the Sacraments St. Thomas Aquinas

This excerpt from God's Greatest Gifts, a collection of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas on the commandments and the sacraments, concerns the First Commandment, how it is kept and how it is violated. GOD IDOLATRY SINAI MOSES

90. Theology - gracegarrlagr.htm - Grace: Commentary on the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Rev. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

An index page is provided for a book-length study of the doctrine of grace, as expounded by a renowned Dominican theologian and philosopher. Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange taught at the Angelicum in Rome for 50 years and was a champion of classical Thomism. HABITUAL SANCTIFYING GRACE SUFFIENT EFFICACIOUS ACTUAL PREVENIENT PREDESTINATION ELECTION PREDILECTION REPROBATION MERIT PELAGIANISM SEMI-PELAGIANISM

91. Theology - schonevo3.htm - He Created Each Thing According to Its Kind Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

Here is a translation of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn's third catechetical lecture, 4 December 2005, on creation and evolution. The Genesis account teaches basic theological truths about the origination of all things, each "day" of the account focussing on a particular truth. DARWIN MATERIALISM DESIGN MULTIPLICITY CHANCE EVOLUTIONISM ORDER

92. Theology - schonevo4.htm - He Upholds the Universe by His word and Power Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

In his fourth catechetical lecture on creation and evolution, Cardinal Schönborn rejects the notion of God as filling gaps in what comes about naturally and examines the concept of His continuing creation. "We do not think of His acting as an occasional intervention coming from the outside, but rather as the transcendent creative activity of God who alone makes it possible for our world to hold together and to rise, in accordance with His plan, step by step higher, so that really new things appear in it and finally man appears in it." POETRY SCIENCE DARWINISM EVOLUTIONISM PROVIDENCE CREATIO CONTINUA CONTINGENCY BEAUTY

93. Theology - ROSMINI.HTM - Historical Overview of the Rosmini Case Mons. Richared Malone

The article sheds light on Fr Rosmini's philosophical ideas and shows the historical context within which they were considered dangerous. PIUS IX ONTOLOGISM PANTHEISM

94. Theology - CE HISTD.HTM - History of Dogmatic Theology Catholic Encyclopedia

An article on the History of Dogmatic Theology from the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913). DOGMA FATHERS PATRISTIC SCHOLASTICISM SCHOLASTICS THOMAS

95. Theology - ZHOMOSEX.HTM - Holy See States Its Position on Homosexuality ZENIT

A ZENIT news item of 13 July 1999 on the Notification of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith regarding Sister Jeannine Gramick, SSND, and Father Robert Nugent, SDS. HOMOSEXUAL ORIENTATION NUWAYS

96. Theology - modesty.htm - Homily, Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis Fr. Dominic Mary, MFVA

Fr. Dominic, recalling the great Basilica of St. Francis, reminds us that a church is God's house, where worshippers should dress and behave with modesty. He defines modesty from the Catechism, and quotes from a guideline in dress issued by the Cardinal Vicar of Rome under Pope Pius XI. TEMPERANCE SEXUALITY COVETOUSNESS PURITY

97. Theology - HORIZNTL.HTM - Horizontalism Igino Giordano

The author shows how the horizontal dimension of religion, with its social conscience and concern for good works, cannot be separated from the vertical dimension of faith and worship. The two together, as represented in the two beams of the Cross, are integral to the religion of Christ, the Man-God. LABOUR INJUSTICE CHURCH STATE

98. Theology - HORZNTL.HTM - Horizontalism Jean Danielou

"What is known as 'Horizontalism' reduces Christianity to the dimension of the love of neighbor." In his article, the author gives an incisive analysis of how Christianity, if redefined as philanthropy, loses its reason for being. Only by keeping its vertical dimension does it have anything to offer modern man. CHARITY

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