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280. Theology - WOMCHRCH.HTM - Woman in the Church: Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia Cardinal William Baum

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., at its Tercentenary Academic Celebration in 1978, heard Cardinal William Baum, Archbishop of Washington, speak in high praise of "the first woman in history to receive a doctorate degree." As to what women uniquely contribute to the Church, he said, it "consists in woman's capacity to be the symbol of divinized creation." FEMINISM WOMAN PRIESTS EQUALITY SECULARIZATION MOTHERHOOD

281. Theology - CATHBUDD.HTM - Word and Silence in Buddhist and Christian Traditions Buddhist-Christian Colloquim

The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue sponsored the 2nd Buddhist-Christian Colloquim 8-13 July 1998. This is the concluding statement of the participants. ECUMENISM DIALOGUE BUDDHISM RELIGION

282. Theology - schonevo5.htm - You Govern All Things...: Suffering in a World Guided by God Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

In his fifth in a series of catechetical lectures on creation and evolution, Cardinal Schönborn examines the question of how there can be physical evil, i.e., suffering, in a world created by a good and all-powerful Creator. Although God could have chosen to create a world perfect from the outset, He chose instead to create a world "in a state of journeying towards its ultimate perfection." SCIENCE GENETICS INTELLIGENT DESIGN

283. THEOLOGY - YOUNGSIN.HTM - Younger Than Sin Lorenzo Albacete

In this article taken from the Winter 1995 issue of "Communio" Msgr. Albacete analyzes George Bernanos reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary as "younger than sin."

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