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99. THEOLOGY - THINKSEC.HTM - How to Think About Secularism Wolfhart Pannenberg

A leading Christian professor offers important insights into the rise of secularism and how to respond to it. Article taken from the June-July 1996 issue of "First Things."

100. THEOLOGY - COMPGODS.HTM - In Companionship with the Gods Roland Hill

Formed during an era of spiritual liberation. Josef Pieper offers today's readers the prospect of liberation through a true appreciation for the role of leisure. This article appeared in the January 1994 issue of 'The Catholic World Report,' P.O. Box 6718, Syracuse, NY 13217-7912, 800-825-0061. ROLAND PIEPER LEISURE CULTURE PHILOSOPHY

101. Theology - BAPTCHIL.HTM - In Connection With the Baptism of Children Achille Triacca

From 1978, an article showing the meaning, in the life of the Church, of her ancient custom of baptizing children, even before they are capable of their own acts of faith. SACRAMENTALITY REVELATION VATICAN II LITURGY ECCLESIOLOGY WORSHIP

102. Theology - schonevo2.htm - In the Beginning God Created ... Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Here is an unofficial translation (by Dr. John Crosby) of a lecture Cardinal Christoph Schönborn delivered, 13 November 2005, in Vienna on God and creation. It was the second in a series of catechetical lectures on the Church's position vis-à-vis Creationism vs. Darwinism. See Creation and Evolution index page for the Cardinal's other lectures on the topic. INTELLIGENT DESIGN BIG BANG CREATOR

103. Theology - ETERTIME.HTM - Incarnation: Eternity in Time Fr Georges Cottier, O.P.

Because of the Incarnation, when the eternal One became temporal, our days and hours have a meaning and intensity that they would not otherwise have. NOVO MILLENNIO INEUNTE PARDON ECUMEN

104. Theology - ZPOSSESS.HTM - Increase in Cases of Demonic Possession ZENIT

In this ZENIT report an Italian exorcist comments on the increased number of possessions which are being seen. DEVIL SATAN EVIL OBSESSION EXORCISM

105. THEOLOGY - SPIRINDX.HTM - Index for 'The Spirit of Catholicism' Karl Adam

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