The immanent compromise

A third worldvlew, that of immanence, Is that objective values do exist, but they exist independently of a Creator God; they do not need Him to exist for they are intrinsic to the universe. This approach to life Is common to pantheism, which sees all of nature as God or divine force. It does not require a Creator, since a permeating divine force can be deemed to have evolved with the natural realm (these being seen as one and the same). Immanence differs from the first two worldviews In that it recognizes the existence of objective values.

However, according to this view, man has sufficient moral Intuition to become aware of the moral values that exist and Influences the moral order. Here again, man Is the discoverer of morals and has within himself the ability to live by morals if he chooses. He does not need God to tell him of absolutes or what the moral absolutes are. Therefore there Is no need for God. The meaningfulness of life does not depend on the existence of God or something outside human life.

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