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Pure Natural Healing

More and more medical research is showing that the science behind acupuncture and reflexology actually work The Asian doctors that developed that system back in the day actually had the right idea when it came to healing the natural way! A growing amount of research is showing that that your body has the means to care for itself, and has a self-correcting system built right into it. You will be able to lower cholesterol, get rid of depression and anxiety, and banish migrants and toothaches. This ebook by Master Lim gives you all of the tools that you need in order to get rid of the problems that face you in your quest to stay healthy. Kevin Richardson has co-written the book to give you an English version of the best book on Asian medicine that there is. Why spend thousands on medical bills when you can use remedies that Really work? Read more...

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Of Traditional Chinese Philosophy

Except for a few concepts taken from Indian Buddhism, the concepts and categories which have taken form in the long history of Chinese philosophy basically developed independently, hence their striking features. For example, the Heavenly way (Tian dao) and the human way (ren dao) as a pair of categories were very important in the history of Chinese philosophy. Therefore traditional Chinese philosophy not only paid considerable attention to the study of the relationship between the Heaven and man, but paid special attention to the study of the relationships between man and man (society). Another example is the pair of categories ti and yong which contain the meanings of not only noumenon and phenomenon, but also base and function, whole and part, and abstract and concrete. Such series of pairs of concepts and categories reflect not only the characteristics of traditional Chinese philosophy, but also the level of theoretical thinking at a certain stage of historical development. To make...

In Ancient China

Under certain conditions, this ideal is beneficial to social stability and social development, as well as to the investigation of the actual relationships between objects. Social development requires a period of relative stability, while thought-cultures benefit significantly by mutual assimilation and confluence. History has alternating periods of maintaining the status quo and reformation. Since the Qin and Han dynasties (221 B.C.-A.D. 220), China has been in a state of great unity. Situations of fragmentation or division were always temporary. The Han people and the minority nationalities formed a unified country while at the same time assimilating foreign cultures. Based also on the concept of unity, Chinese medicine stresses an organic connection between man and his environment, between the human body and human spirit, between the organs of the body, as well as between various remedies. Qi (vitality) was used to explain the unity of things and the reason behind their mutual...

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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