Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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At a Wednesday evening service on January 12, 1983, a discussion evolved at the conclusion of the service from a statement I had made. I stated that Christ went to Paradise between death on the cross and His resurrection three days later. One man stated he had heard from several preachers that Christ's Spirit was remaining in Hell for all eternity to pay for our sins. Another thought Christ went to Hell to pay for our sins. Their thoughts could not be supported by Scripture and several requests were made for an exposition in writing on the subject of Hell.

This writing is the outcome of these requests. This is by no means an exhaustive study on this subject, but rather charts and comments to help clarify much misunderstanding concerning the subject of Hell.

We shall attempt to cover the following aspects to some degree concerning the subject of Hell:

1. The mistranslation of the word "Hell."

2. To show the various places of torment.

3. What about the angels in Hell?

4. The Great White Throne Judgment.

5. Where did the saved and lost go in the Old Testament?

6. Where is Hell located?

7. Where do the lost go today?

8. Is Hell real, or just a scare tactic?

9. Where did Christ go when He died?

10. Many other questions will be answered that many people have asked from time to time.

I have also prepared seven charts which I believe will simplify and help clarify the Bible teaching on this important subject. The charts cover the following:

a. Chart 1 - shows the location of Hades.

b. Chart 2 - shows the abode of the saved and lost of the Old Testament. C. Chart 3 - shows where Christ went between His death and resurrection.

d. Chart 4 - shows Christ anointing the mercy seat in Heaven during the first eight days after His resurrection.

e. Chart 5 - shows Christ's ascension to Heaven with all the Old testament Saints.

f. shows the lost in Hades going to the Great White Throne Judgment for judgment, then into the Lake of Fire.

G. Chart 7 - shows the Two Resurrections.

The subject of Hell is not the most pleasant to write or preach about as many of us may have friends, relatives and loves ones who have not received Christ as Saviour before they died. Nevertheless, the Lord has inserted much in His Word of the reality of this horrid place, warning the wicked of their eternal destiny should they reject Him. I hope this book will not only give us a more vivid understanding of Hell, but also a burning desire to win the lost to Christ.

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