Guide To Old Testament Theology And Exegesis


Willem A. VanGemeren Introduction: Hermeneutics, Text, and Biblical Theology

1. Language, Literature, Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology: What's Theological About a Theological Dictionary?

Kevin Vanhoozer

Part I. The Reliability of the Old Testament Text

2. Textual Criticism of the Old Testament and Its Relation to Exegesis and Theology Bruce K. Waltke

Part II. History, Theology, and Hermeneutics

3. Old Testament History: A Theological Perspective Eugene H. Merrill

4. Old Testament History: A Hermeneutical Perspective V. Philips Long

Part III. Literature, Interpretation, and Theology

5. Literary Approaches and Interpretation Tremper Longman III

6. Narrative Criticism: The Theological Implications of Narrative Techniques Philip E. Satterthwaite

Part IV. Semantics, Interpretation, and Theology

7. Linguistics, Meaning, Semantics, and Discourse Analysis Peter Cotterell

8. Principles for Productive Word Study John H. Walton

Part V. Canon, Literature, Interpretation, and Biblical Theology

9. The Flowering and Floundering of Old Testament Theology Elmer A. Martens

10. Integrating Old Testament Theology and Exegesis: Literary, Thematic, and Canonical Issues

Richard Schultz


11. Several Illustrations on Integrating the GUIDE With NIDOTTE in Doing Old Testament Exegesis and Theology

Willem A. VanGemeren

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