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Tax Saving Methods Of Overseas Corporation

This eBook guide can teach you how to set up an offshore corporation without having to fly overseas or hire an accountant. By doing this, you can avoid taxes on your income, even if you make more than $1,000,000. You get to keep it all! You will learn how a tax haven works, learn how to withdraw your earnings, and keep this all totally legal and aboveboard. Using this method, you can legally avoid having to pay huge amounts of cash for just making money. You should not have to give up the money that you rightfully made just because the government says so. You can also avoid things like inheritance tax and make your tax returns much easier. This is NOT tax evasion! This is legal method of setting up your business, that is totally aboveboard. If you want to learn how to save money for your business, this method is for you! More here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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Secular Vatican Mussolini to Mafia

Such activities are not by any means limited to the Catholic Church. Edir Macedo, a religious entrepreneur in the style of Pat Robertson runs an evangelical movement in South America called the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The American weekly Time reported (January 22, 1996) that the Universal Church is under investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police for possible involvement in currency violations, links with drug traffickers and tax evasion. A video aired on Brazilian television showed Edir Macedo instructing his pastors to solicit donations by threatening holdouts with damnation as Time put it.

Individual Responsibilities For Wealth

These various theological considerations on wealth have evident ethical application in the way in which individuals use their personal resources. If the teaching of Jesus warns of the dangers which wealth can bring individuals, the complete picture of a Christian attitude to wealth here identified can also give a more positive orientation to the responsibilities of ownership, and to the creative use of one's personal income and resources. Thus, one form which this can take is in recognizing the social purpose of taxation, both direct and indirect, when this is resorted to by society in the service of redistributing wealth for the benefit of its more needy and less fortunate members. So much so that honesty and accuracy in paying one's taxes, and a disinclination to be involved in any form of tax avoidance, not to mention tax evasion, can be seen as one yardstick by which individuals may assess their sense of moral responsibility in using and administering their wealth. Similarly,...

Taming Taxes

Taming Taxes

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