Today s Wailings for Tammuz

In "The Code of Jewish Law" (Shulhan Aruch) we find, under "Laws Concerning the Interval Between the Seventeenth of Tammuz and the Ninth of Ab, Chapter CXXII:"

One should not cut his hair during these days, paring of the nails is forbidden only during the week in which the ninth of Ab occurs; concerning the goblet of wine for Habdallah on the conclusion of the Sabbath, if there be a child who is able to drink the greater part of the goblet it should be given him ; it is permissible to have [new garments] made by a non-Jewish workman, but not by an Israelite; it is the custom to call up to Maftir the Rabbi who knows how to lament Laws Concerning the Ninth of Ab all enter the synagogue and take off their boots but one light is lit in front of the Reader prayers are said in a low voice, with a weeping intonation, mourning like All should be seated on the ground Lamentations and the special lamentations should be prolonged until close to noon Bathing [page 42] is forbidden, whether in hot or in cold water, even to put one s finger in water is forbidden one may wash his hands in the morning, but should be careful not to wash more than the fingers, for this is what constitutes the main morning wash as an evil spirit rests on the fingers in the morning.

"Cohabitation is forbidden. It is proper not to have conjugal intercourse on the night of the tenth day, unless it be the night of the ritual immersion, or if he is about to go on a journey, or has come back from a journey." (End of chapter CXXIV)

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