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"Sefer Raziel," meaning book of secrets, is "an ancient Cabalistic book." The usual pretext to call pagan practices "Jewish" is to attribute them to some old patriarch such as Abraham, who has been dead for centuries and is unable to deny the attribution. This one is linked to Noah, Abraham, Shem, and so on. However, the voodoo in it is as old as the pagan "philosophers" themselves.

"The book contains mystic lore on the letters of the alphabet . and various magic recipes and amulets." (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, "Sefer Raziel") "From the Talmud ... we learn that the alphabet played an important role in the creation of the world Sefer Raziel states that Adam engraved the letters out of the likeness of the fallen angels [demons] from aleph to Tav. Every angel must appear as soon as his name is uttered Bezalel, the builder of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, knew how to combine the letters by which heaven and earth were created (Talmud, Berechoth 55a)." (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, "Alphabet")

See Exhibit 288 concerning letter creation.

Although the Bible refers to Bezalel only as a workman inspired to serve God in his efforts on the Tabernacle, the Talmud makes him into a demon evoker, a great intellect of whom Moses was jealous.

Bible references to Bezalel: Exodus 31:2; Exodus 35:30; Exodus 36:1-2; Exodus 37:1; Exodus 38:22; I Chron. 2:20; I Chron. 1:5;

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states (under "Alphabet"):

"The most important letters of the alphabet are, of course, those which spelt out the Tetragrammaton, or Name of God, Y.H.V. (or W.H.). This word is not to be pronounced as written, but must be read as 'Adonai,' 'The Lord;' and each letter has an especial potency The belief in the power of the word was common to all the religions of antiquity. Thus the platonists had notions of the influence of anagrams made out of the names of persons In the Talmud there are many passages to indicate the rabbis were familiar with the various methods of permutation of the letters of the alphabet The first was that of codes [Note: the Atbash code of using the last letter for the first, etc., is described] the second was the anagram in which the letters of a word were reshuffled to form a new word. The third was Gematria, based on the numerical value of the letters. The fourth was Notarikon, which took each letter of a given word as the initial of another word, and thus interpreted it in mystic fashion."

The Cabalists' special alphabet is diagrammed.

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