Star Worship in the Jewish Calendar

"During the Exile the Babylonian system was adopted, the names of the months being derived from the common Babylonian calendar . Thus Tammuz is the month dedicated to the worship of the fertility spirit of that name [page 43] [Note: the male sex-god] Elul is the month when he was bewailed [Here, 'alal' is given as the Hebrew for 'wail']."

But this does not explain why the current Code of Jewish Law (Shulhan Aruch) suggests lamenters, wailers for the current Fast of Tammuz which is in each yearly synagogue calendar!

Tebeth is the month he sank into the Netherworld, and so forth The following list gives the names of the Jewish months.

Tishri (Sept.-Oct.) The New Moon of Tishri is not blessed, as are those of other months The zodiacal sign of Tishri is the Scales

Marheshwan or Heshvan (Oct.-Nov) New Moon is reckoned as two days . The zodiacal sign is Scorpion Kislev (Nov -Dec.) New Moon is irregular, being either one or two days The zodiacal sign is the Archer

Tebeth (Dec.-Jan.) It is customary to refrain from slaughtering geese during Tebeth The zodiacal sign is Capricorn

Shebat (Jan.-Feb.) Thirty days. New Moon is reckoned as one day. 15: New Year For Trees. It is believed that demons are abroad in this month. The zodiacal sign is the Waterman (Aquarius)

Adar (Feb-Mar ) The Zodiacal sign is Pisces (The Fishes).

Second Adar Occurs only in leap year Nisan (March-April) The entire month is regarded as a prolonged festival and one in which it is blessed to die. Every twenty-five years the sun is especially blessed in Nisan. The zodiacal sign is the Ram Iyar (April-May) The zodiacal sign is the Bull Sivan (May-June) The zodiacal sign is the Twins Tammuz New Moon is two days. 17: Fast of Tammuz.

Here two fictitious reasons for celebrating this fast are cited, followed by this admission:

Actually the fast is a reinterpretation of a Babylonian festival. The zodiacal sign is the Crab. Ab (July-August) 9: Fast of Ab (with a fictitious reason) The zodiacal sign is the Lion Elul (Aug-Sept.) The zodiacal sign is the Virgin

(Quotations are from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, under "Months.")

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