Consequent Anti Semitism

It followed, in the fight between the Christian elements and the Bolshevik Jews and their dupes, as the same source states that:

Wherever the civil war was fought, the Whites identified [page 87] the Jews with the Bolsheviks and singled them out for attack from the first, Anti-Semitism was severely condemned by the Bolsheviks The recuperative process which set in with the end of the civil war was furthered by the New Economic Policy (NEP) adopted in the Spring of 1921 By 1924 nearly one-third of all the stores in Moscow were owned by Jews. (page 674, Encyclopedia)

From our Embassy in Russia came the report of: "conditions appalling; a veritable slaughter ... Men are shot without trial." (Sept. 21, 1918) And "bloody delirium now reigning at Moscow and Petrograd." (Sept. 25, 1918, page 694; State Department)

In Exhibit 260, we have a typical report from those on the ground, a communication from the U.S. Consul General at Moscow (Summers) to the Secretary of State, May 2, 1918: "Jews predominant in local Soviet government; anti-Jewish feeling grows among population which tends to regard oncoming Germans as deliverers."

Another State Department report during this period (Exhibit 261) notes: "Fifty per cent of Soviet Government in each town consists of Jews of the worst type, many of whom are anarchists."

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