Asininity and Pornography The Reprobate Mind

From a Roof Bestiality Babies Incest

Incest with Lot Nieces

Harlots and Dogs Permissible Adultery and Intercourse With the Dead


The Jewish Talmud and

Legally Murdering Your


Ten "Innocent"


"Mercy" Killings


Cursing and Striking Parents

The Talmud Book of Gittin and Some Health Remedies

Use of the Bible for

Asininity and Obscenity Farming Inferior for Jews

Talmud Instructions for the Sabbath Moving a Door Key The Sabbath Louse-Hunt Sabbath Intercourse Vows

Talmud — Juvenile Birth Control and the "Two Hairs" Test for Puberty

More Talmudic "Wisdom"

Virginity on a Monetary Scale

Sodomy Approved The Talmud Today

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