In these bibliographies I have usually listed only works written from what would today be called a conservative evangelical position. This is because the purpose of this section is to give the student ready access to other treatments of each topic by theologians who share with this book the same general convictions about the nature of Scripture—that all of it is totally truthful and that it is God's unique and absolutely authoritative Word to us. Once we step outside of that conviction, the variety of theological positions becomes amazingly large, and sufficient bibliographies are easily found in the more recent works cited below. (However, I have also included two representative Roman Catholic works because of the great influence of the Roman Catholic Church in almost every society in the world.)

Writers are grouped according to broad denominational categories, and the writers within the groups are arranged chronologically. Of course, the categories below are not airtight, for there is often overlap—many Anglicans and many Baptists are theologically "Reformed" while others in those groups are theologically "Arminian"; many Dispensationalists are also Baptists, while others are Presbyterians, and so forth.

Yet the categories are fairly representative of distinguishable theological traditions within evangelicalism.

Dates given are the dates of publication of the final edition of each author's systematic theology or major theological writing. Where no single major theological work was published, the dates represent the years during which the author was actively teaching and writing about systematic theology. Complete bibliographical data may be found on pp. 1224-29.

Sections in Evangelical Systematic Theologies

1. Anglican (Episcopalian) 1882-92 Litton, 1-8

1930 Thomas, xvii—xxviii, 146-52

2. Arminian (Wesleyan or Methodist) 1875-76 Pope, 1:3-32, 42-46 1892-94 Miley, 1:2-54

1940 Wiley, 1:13-123 1960 Purkiser, 19-38 1983 Carter, 1:19-101 1987-90 Oden, 1:11-14, 375-406

3. Baptist

1887 Boyce, 1-8

1907 Strong, 1-51

1917 Mullins, 1-136

1983-85 Erickson, 9-149

1987-94 Lewis/Demarest, 1:13-123

4. Dispensational 1947 Chafer, 1:3-17 1949 Thiessen, 1-20 1986 Ryrie, 9-22

5. Lutheran

1917-24 Pieper, 1:3-190 1934 Mueller, 1-89

6. Reformed (or Presbyterian)12

1724-58 Edwards, 2:157-63

1871-73 Hodge, 1:1-150

1878 Dabney, 133-44

1887-1921 Warfield, SSW 2:207-320

12 12. In the Reformed category I have cross-referenced eleven systematic theologies (those listed in this chapter plus Bavinck in some chapters). Two other very well-written Reformed works are Foundations of the Christian Faith by James Montgomery Boice (Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 1986) and Concise Theology by J.I. Packer (Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House, 1993), but I have not cross-referenced them at the end of every chapter, because they are written for more popular audiences than the other Reformed works listed and because I thought that eleven Reformed theologies were already enough to give a sufficient sampling of Reformed thought.

1938 Berkhof, Intro. 15-128, 170-86

1962 Buswell, 1:13-26

7. Renewal (or charismatic/Pentecostal)

1988-92 Williams, 1:11-28

Sections in Representative Roman Catholic Systematic Theologies

1. Roman Catholic: Traditional 1955 Ott, 1-10

2. Roman Catholic: Post-Vatican II 1980 McBrien, 1:3-78, 183-200

Other Works

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Theology." In Scripture and Truth. Ed. by D.A. Carson and John Woodbridge. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1983, pp. 65-95.

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_. The Necessity of Systematic Theology. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1980.

_. Theology Primer: Resources for the Theological Student. Grand Rapids: Baker,

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