Bible names usually have a significant meaning and often represent the precise character of the person named, as in the case of Jacob (Gen. 27:36).

The names of God declare His character: El or Elohim meaning 'the strong one and the covenant-keeping one' Jehovah, 'the self-existing one or the God of redemption'; Adonai, 'master.' There are about four hundred different names and titles of Deity in the Old Testament. Lord, when referring to Christ, intimates His Deity and eternal being. The name Jesus points to His humanity. Christ refers to the anointed one who was expected throughout the Old Testament. No names are given for the Holy Spirit. There are, however, about forty-four descriptive titles used of Him.

The name may even represent the person (Matt. 10:22; 19:29; John 20:31; Acts 5:41). To believe on Christ's name means to believe on Him and to be saved through His name. Works wrought in His name are done by His immediate power (Acts 16:18; 19:11-17; cf. Luke 24:47). Prayer in His name is as though Christ Himself spoke through the believer (John 14:14; 16:23; cf. Rom. 10:13).

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