Volume 2 Table of Contents

o Volume 2

■ Part 4 - The Nature, Decrees, and Works of God.

■ Chapter 4 - The Works of God; Or the Execution Of the Decrees..

■ I. Definition of Creation.

■ II. Proof of the Doctrine of Creation.

■ III. Theories Which Oppose Creation.

■ IV. the Mosaic Account of Creation.

■ VI. Relation of the Doctrine of Creation To Other Doctrines.

■ I. Definition of Preservation.

■ II. Proof of the Doctrine of Preservation.

■ III. Theories Which Virtually Deny The Doctrine of Preservation

■ IV. Remarks Upon the Divine Concurrence.

■ I. Definition of Providence.

■ II. Proof of the Doctrine of Providence.

■ III. Theories Opposing the Doctrine of Providence.

■ IV. Relations of the Doctrine of Providence

■ Part 5 - Anthropology, Or the Doctrine of Man

■ III. Essential Elements of Human Nature.

■ I. Essentials of Man?s Original State.

■ II. Incidents of Man?s Original State.

■ II. the Essential Principle of Sin.

■ I. Every Human Being Who Has Arrived at Moral Consciousness Has Commited Acts Or Cherished Dispositions Contrary to the Divine L

■ II. Every Member of the Human Race, Without Exception, Possesses a Corrupted Nature, Which Is A Source of Actual Sin, and Is Its

Section 4 - Origin of Sin in the Personal Act of Adam.

I. the Scriptural Account of the Temptation And Fall in Genesis 3:1-7.

II. Difficulties Connected With the Fall Considered As the Personal Act of Adam.

III. Consequences of the Fall,So Far As Respects Adam. Section 5. - Imputation of Adam?s Sin to His Posterity.

I. Theories of Imputation.

II. Objections to the Augustinian Doctrine Of Imputation. Section 6 - Consequences of Sin to Adam?s Posterity.

I. Depravity.

II. Guilt.

III. Penalty.

Part 6 - Soteriology, Or the Doctrine of Salvation Through the Work of Christ and Of The Holy Spirit.

■ Chapter 1 - Christology, Or the Redemption Wrought By Christ.

■ Section 1 - Historical Preparation For Redemption.

I. Negative Preparation, in the History of The Heathen World.

II. Positive Preparation, in the History of Israel. Section 2. - The Person of Christ.

I. Historical Survey of Views Respecting The Person of Christ.

II. the Two Natures of Christ Their Reality and Integrity,

III. The Union of the Two Natures in One Person. Section 3 - The Two States of Christ.

I. The State of Humiliation.

II. The State of Exaltation. Section 4. the Offices of Christ.

I. the Prophetic Office of Christ.

II. the Priestly Office of Christ.

III. the Kingly Office of Christ

I. Scripture Statements and Intimations.

II. Objections to the Doctrine of Angels

III. Practical Uses of the Doctrine of Angels.

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