completed upon the cross.? Chillingworth: ?Romanists hold that the validity of every sacrament but baptism depends upon its administration by a priest and without priestly absolution there is no assurance of forgiveness. But the intention of the priest is essential in pronouncing absolution, and the intention of the bishop is essential in consecrating the priest. How can any human being know that these conditions are fulfilled?? In the New Testament, on the other hand, Christ appears as the only priest and each human soul has direct access to him.

Norman Fox, Christ in the Daily Meal, 22 ? ?The adherence of the first Christians to the Mosaic law makes it plain that they did not hold the doctrine of the modern Church of Rome that the bread of the Supper is a sacrifice, the table an altar and the minister a priest. For the old altar, the old sacrifice and the old priesthood still remained and were still in their view appointed media of atonement with God. Of course they could not have believed in two altars, two priesthoods and two contemporaneous sets of sacrifices.? Christ is the only priest. A. A. Hodge, Popular Lectures, 257 ? ?The three central dangerous errors of Romanism and Ritualism are the perpetuity of the apostolate, the priestly character and offices of Christian ministers and the sacramental principle, or the depending upon sacraments, as the essential, initial, and ordinary channels of grace.? ?Hierarchy,? says another, ?is an infraction of the divine order; it imposes the weight of an outworn symbolism on the true vitality of the gospel. It is a remnant rent from the shroud of the dead past to enwrap the limbs of the living present.?

(d) It destroys Christianity by externalizing it. Romanists make all other service a mere appendage to the communion. Physical and magical salvation is not Christianity but is essential paganism.

Council of Trent, Session vii, On Sacraments in General, Canon iv: ?Ft any one saith that the sacraments of the New Testament are not necessary to salvation, but are superfluous, and that without them and without the desire thereof, men attain of through faith alone, the grace ofjustification. Though all [the sacraments] are not indeed necessary for every individual, let him be anathema.? On Baptism, Canon iv: ?If any one saith that the baptism which is even given by heretics in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, with the intention of doing what the church doth, is not true baptism, let him be anathema.? Baptism, in the Romanist system, is necessary to salvation and baptism, even though administered by heretics, is an admission to the church. All baptized persons who, through no fault of their own, but from lack of knowledge or opportunity, are not connected outwardly with the true church, though they are apparently

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