sun. So we can shine ?as lights in the world? ( <504415>Philippians 2:15), only as we reflect Christ, who is ?the Sun of Righteousness? ( <390402>Malachi 4:2) and ?the Light of the world? ( <430812>John 8:12).

(h) Though the weakest faith perfectly justifies, the degree of sanctification is measured by the strength of the Christian?s faith and the persistence with which he apprehends Christ in the various relations which the Scriptures declare him to sustain to us.

<400929> Matthew 9:29 ? ?According to your faith be it done unto you?;

<421705> Luke 17:5 ? ?Lord, increase our faith?; <451202>Romans 12:2 ? ?be not fashioned according to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God?; 13:14 ? ?But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not prevision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof?; <490424>Ephesians 4:24 ? ?put on the new man, that after God hath been created in righteousness and holiness of truth?; <540407>1 Timothy 4:7 ? ?exercise thyself unto godliness.? Leighton: ?None of the children of God are born dumb.? Milton: ?Good, the more communicated, the more abundant grows.? Faith can neither be stationary nor complete (Westcott, Bible Com. on <431508>John 15:8 ? ?so shall ye become my disciples?). Luther: ?He who is a Christian is no Christian?; ?Christianus non in esse, sed in fieri.? In a Bible that belonged to Oliver Cromwell is this inscription: ?O.

C. 1644. Qui cessat esse melior cessat ease bonus? ? ?He who ceases to be better ceases to be good.? Story, the sculptor, when asked which of his works he valued most, replied: ?My next.? The greatest work of the Holy Spirit is the perfecting of Christian character.

<510110> Colossians 1:10 ? ?Increasing by the knowledge of God? ? here the instrumental dative represents the knowledge of God as the dew or rain which nurtures the growth of the plant (Lightfoot). Mr. Gladstone had the habit of reading the Bible every Sunday afternoon to old Women on his estate. Tholuck: ?I have but one passion, and that is Christ.? This is an echo of Paul?s words: ?to me to live is Christ? ( <500121>Philippians 1:21). But Paul is far from thinking that he has already obtained or is already made perfect. He prays ?that I may gain Christ, that I may know him.?

(i) From the lack of persistence in using the means appointed for Christian growth ? such as the word of God, prayer, association with other believers and personal effort for the conversion of the ungodly. Sanctification does not always proceed in regular and unbroken course, and it is never completed in this life.

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