<235210> Isaiah 52:10 ? ?Jehovah hath made bare his holy arm? = nature does not exhaust or entomb God; nature is the mantle in which he commonly reveals himself; but he is not fettered by the robe he wears ? he can thrust it aside, and make bare his arm in providential inter-positions for earthly deliverance, and in mighty movements of history for the salvation of the sinner and for the setting up of his own kingdom. See also <430116>John 1:16 ? of his fullness we all received, and grace for grace? = ?Each blessing appropriated became the foundation of a greater blessing. To have realized and used one measure of grace was to have gained a larger measure in exchange for it ca>rin ajnti> ca>ritov ?; so Westcott, in Bib. Com., in loco . Christ can ever say to the believer, as he said to Nathanael ( <430150>John 1:50): ?thou shalt see greater things than these.?

Because God is infinite, he can love each believer as much as if that single soul were the only one for whom he had to care. Both in providence and in redemption the whole heart of God is busy with plans for the interest and happiness of the single Christian. Threatenings do not half reveal God, nor his promises half express the ?eternal weight of glory? ( <470417>2 Corinthians 4:17). Dante, Paradiso, 19:40-63 ? God ?Could not upon the universe so write The impress of his power, but that his word Must still be left in distance infinite.? To ?limit the Holy One of Israel?

( <197841>Psalm 78:41 ? margin) is falsehood as well as sin.

This attribute of infinity, or of transcendence, qualifies all the other attributes and so is the foundation for the representations of majesty and glory as belonging to God (see <023318>Exodus 33:18; <191901>Psalm 19:1;

<230603> Isaiah 6:3; <400613>Matthew 6:13; <440702>Acts 7:2; <450123>Romans 1:23, 9:23;

<580103> Hebrews 1:3; <600414>1 Peter 4:14; <662123>Revelation 21:23). Glory is not itself a divine attribute; it is rather a result ? an Objective result ? of the exercise of the divine attributes. This glory exists irrespective of the revelation and recognition of it in the creation ( <431705>John 17:5). Only God can worthily perceive and reverence his own glory. He does all for his own glory. All religion is founded on the glory of God. All worship is the result of this immanent quality of the divine nature. Kedney, Christian Doctrine, 1:360-373, 2:354, apparently conceives of the divine glory as an eternal material environment of God, from which the universe is fashioned. This seems to contradict both the spirituality and the infinity of God. God?s infinity implies absolute completeness apart from anything external to himself. We proceed therefore to consider the attributes involved in infinity.

Of the attributes involved in Infinity, we mention:

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