which hampers and resists it. Depravity is all the worse when we recognize in it the constant antagonist of an ever-present, all-holy, and all- loving Redeemer.? 1. Proof.

As it is readily admitted that the outward act of transgression is properly denominated sin; we here attempt to show only that lack of conformity to the law of God in disposition or state is also and equally to be so denominated.

A. From Scripture.

(a) The words ordinarily translated ?sin,? or used as synonyms for it are as applicable to dispositions and states as to acts ( ha;f;j1 and aJmarti>a = a missing, failure, coming short [sc. of God?s will]).

See <041528>Numbers 15:28 ? ?sinneth unwittingly?; <195102>Psalm 51:2 ? ?cleanse me from my sin?; 5 ? ?Behold. I was brought forth in iniquity; And in sin did, my mother conceive me?; <450717>Romans 7:17 ? ?sin which dwelleth in me?: compare <072016>Judges 20:16, where the literal meaning of the word appears: ?sling stones at a hair-breadth, and not miss? ( af;j; ). In a similar manner, [V1S, [LXX ajse>beia ] = separation from, rebellion against [ sc . God]; see <031616>Leviticus 16:16, 21; cf . Delitzsch on <193201>Psalm 32:1. ow[; [ ajdiki>a ] = bending, perversion [ sc . of what is right], iniquity; see <030517>Leviticus 5:17; cf. <430718>John 7:18. See also the Hebrew [r [V;r; , [= ruin, confusion], and the Greek ajpostasi>a ejpiquri>a ecqra kaki>a ponhri>a sa>rx ,. None of these designations of sin limits it to mere act ? most of more naturally suggest disposition or state. Amarti>a implies that man in sin does not reach what he seeks therein; sin is a state of delusion and deception (Julius Muller). On the words mentioned, see Girdlestone, Old Testament Synonyms; Cremer, Lexicon New Testament; Present Day Tracts, 5:no. 28, pp. 43-47; Trench, New Testament Synonyms, part 2:61, 73

(b) The New Testament descriptions of sin bring more distinctly to view the states and dispositions than the outward acts of the soul ( <620304>1 John 3:4 ? hJ aJmarti>a ejsti<n hJ ajnomi>a , where ajnomi>a , = not ?transgression of the law,? but, as both context and etymology show, ?lack of conformity to law? or ?lawlessness? ? Revised Version).

See <620517>1 John 5:17 ? ?All unrighteousness is sin?; <451423>Romans 14:23 ? ?whatsoever is not of faith is sin?; <590417>James 4:17 ? ?To him therefore

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