das Weltgericht ? the world?s history is the world?s judgment? (Schiller, Resignation). But there is an in inner connection between present, temporal, spiritual judgments and the final, outward, complete judgment of God. Nero?s murder of his mother was not the only penalty of his murder of Germanicus.

Dorner: ?With Christ?s appearance, faith sees that the beginning of the judgment and of the end has come. Christians are a prophetic race. Without judgment, Christianity would involve a sort of dualism, evil and good would be of equal might and worth.

Christianity cannot always remain a historic principle alongside of the contrary principle of evil. It is the only reality.? God will show or make known his righteousness with regard to the disparity of lots among men,) the prosperity of the wicked, the permission of moral evil in general and the consistency of atonement with justice. ?The sunte>leia tou~ aijw~nov (?end of the world,? <401339>Matthew 13:39) = stripping hostile powers of their usurped might, revelation of their falsity and impotence, consigning them to the past. Evil shall be utterly cut off, given over to its own nothingness or made a subordinate element.?

A great statesman said that what he dreaded for his country was not the Day of Judgment but the day of no judgment. ?Jove strikes the Titans down, Not when they first begin their mountain piling, But when another rock would crown their work.? R. W. Emerson: ?God said: I am tired of kings, I suffer them no more; Up to my ears the morning brings The outrage of the poor.? Royce, The World and the Individual, 2:384 sq. ? ?if God?s life is given to free individual souls, then God?s life can be given also to free nations and to a free race of men. There may be an apostasy of a family, nation, race and a judgment of each according to their deeds.?

The Expositor, March 1898 ? ?It is claimed that we are being judged now, that laws execute themselves, that the system of the universe is automatic, that there is no need for future retribution. But all ages have agreed that there is not here and now any sufficient vindication of the principle of eternal justice. The mills of the gods grind slowly. Physical immorality is not proportionately punished. Deterioration is not an adequate penalty. Telling a second lie does not recompense the first. Punishment includes pain and here is no pain. That there is not punishment here is due, not to law, but to grace.?

Denney, Studies in Theology, 240, 241 ? ?The dualistic conception of an endless suspense, in which good and evil permanently balance each other and contest with each other the right to inherit the earth, is virtually

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