is held by Arminians, and by those who advocate a governmental theory of the atonement. On any such theory, justification must be sovereign since Christ bore not the penalty of the law but a substituted suffering, which God graciously and with sovereignty accepts in place of our suffering and obedience.

Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1100, wrote a tract for the consolation of the dying, who were alarmed on account of sin. The following is an extract from it: ?Question: Dost thou believe that the Lord Jesus died for thee? Answer. I believe it. Question: Dost thou thank him for his passion and death? Ans. I do thank him. Question: Dost thou believe that thou canst not be saved except by his death? Ans. I believe it.? And then Anselm addresses the dying man: ?Come then, while life remaineth in thee; in his death alone place thy whole trust; in naught else place any trust; to his death commit thyself wholly; with this alone cover thyself wholly; and if the Lord thy God will to judge thee, say, ?Lord, between thy judgment and me I present the death of our Lord Jesus Christ; no otherwise can I contend with thee.? And if he shall say that thou art a sinner, say thou: ?Lord, I interpose the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between my sins and thee.? If he say that thou last deserved condemnation, say: ?Lord, I set the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between my evil deserts and thee, and his merits I offer for those which I ought to have and have not.? If he say that he is wroth with thee say: ?Lord, I oppose the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between thy wrath and me.? And when thou hast completed this, say again: ?Lord, I set the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between thee and me.?? See Anselm, Opera (Migne), 1:686, 687. The above quotation gives us reason to believe that the New Testament doctrine of justification by faith was implicitly, if not explicitly, held by many pious souls through all the ages of papal darkness.

2. Proof of the Doctrine of Justification.

A. Scripture proofs of the doctrine as a whole are the following:

<450117> Romans 1:17 ? ?a righteousness of God from faith unto faith?; 3:24- 30 ? ?being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus...the justifier of him that hash faith in Jesus...We reckon therefore a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law...justify the circumcision by faith, and the uncirumcision through faith?; <480311>Galatians 3:11 ? ?Now that no man is justified by the law before God, is evident: for, the righteous shall live by faith; and the law is not of faith; but, He that doeth them shall live in them?; <490107>Ephesians 1:7

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