wilderness?Today, if ye shall hear his voice, Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.? Sin leaves its marks upon the soul; men become ?past feeling? ( <490419>Ephesians 4:19). In England, churchmen claim to toil a dissenter by his walk. This is not a bad sign by which to know a man. God needs only to hold up our characters to show what have been our lives. Sin leaves its scars upon the soul as truly as lust and hatred leave their marks upon the body. So it is with the manifestation of the good ? ?the chivalry that does the right and disregards the yea and nay of the world?Expect nor question nor reply At what we figure as God?s judgment bar? (Robert Browning, Ring and Book, 178, 202). Mr. Edison says ?In a few years the world will be just like one big ear; it will be unsafe to speak in a house till one has examined the walls and the furniture for concealed phonographs.? But the world even now is ?one big ear? and we ourselves, in our characters, are writing the books of the judgment. Brooks, Foundations of Zoology, 134,135 ? ?Every part of the material universe contains a permanent record of every change that has taken place therein and there is also no limit to the power of minds like ours to read and interpret the record.?

Draper, Conflict of Science and Religion: ?If on a cold polished metal, such as a new razor, any object such as a wafer, is laid and the metal breathed upon, when the moisture has had time to disappear, the wafer is thrown off. Now the most critical inspection of the polished surface can discern no trace of any form, if we breathe once more upon it, a spectral image of the wafer comes plainly into view. This may be done again and again. Nay, more; if the polished metal be carefully put aside where nothing can injure its surface and be kept so for many months, on breathing upon it again, the shadowy form emerges. A. shadow never falls upon a wall without leaving thereon a permanent trace, a trace, which might be made visible by resorting to proper, processes. Upon the walls of our most private apartments, where we think the eye of intrusion is altogether shut out and our retirement can never be profaned, there exist the vestiges of all our acts.?

Babbage, Ninth Bridgewater Treatise, 113-115 ? ?If we had power to follow and detect the minutest effects of any disturbance, each particle of existing matter would furnish a register of all that has happened. The track of every canoe, of every vessel that has yet disturbed the surface of the ocean, whether impelled by manual force or elemental power, remains forever registered in the future movement of all succeeding particles which may occupy its place. The furrow, which it left, is indeed filled up by the closing waters but they draw after them other and larger portions of the surrounding element and these again, once moved, communicate

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