substituting for the broken bread and poured out wine of the communion some form of administration, which leaves out all reference to the death of Christ would be to destroy the Lord?s Supper, and to celebrate an ordinance of human invention.

Baptism, like the Fourth of July, the Passover, the Lord?s Supper, is a historical monument. It witnesses to the world that Jesus died and rose again. In celebrating it, we show forth the Lord?s death as truly as in the celebration of the Supper. But it is more than a historical monument. It is also a pictorial expression of doctrine. Into it are woven all the essential truths of the Christian scheme. It tells of the nature and penalty of sin, of human nature delivered from sin in the person of a crucified and risen Savior, of salvation secured for each human soul that is united to Christ, of obedience to Christ as the way to life and glory. Thus baptism stands from age to age as a witness both to the facts and to the doctrine of Christianity. To change the form of administering the ordinance is therefore to strike a blow at Christianity and at Christ, and to defraud the world of a part of God?s means of salvation. See Ebrard?s view of Baptism, in Baptist Quarterly, 1869:257, and in Olshausen?s Com. on N. T., 1:270, and 3:594. Also Lightfoot, Com. on <510220>Colossians 2:20, and 3:1.

Ebrard: ?Baptism = Death.? So Sanday, Com, on Romans 6 ? ?Immersion = Death; Submersion = Burial (the ratification of death); Emergence = Resurrection (the ratification of life).? William Ashmore: ?Solomon?s Temple had two monumental pillars: Jachin, ?he shall establish,? and Boaz, ?in it is strength.? In Zechariah?s vision were two olive trees on either side of the golden candlestick. In like manner, Christ has left two monumental witnesses to testify concerning himself ? Baptism and the Lord?s Supper.? The lady in the streetcar, who had inadvertently stuck her parasol into a man?s eye, very naturally begged his pardon. But he replied: ?It is of no consequence, Madame. I have still one eye left.? Our friends who sprinkle or pour put out one eye of the gospel witness, break down one appointed monument of Christ?s saving truth. Shall we be content to say that we have still one ordinance left? At the Rappahannock one of the Federal regiments, just because its standard was shot away, was mistaken by our own men for a regiment of Confederates and was subjected to a murderous enfilade of fire that decimated its ranks. Baptism and the Lord?s Supper are the two flags of Christ?s army and we cannot afford to lose either one of them.

4. The Subjects of Baptism.

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