divine love from the foundation of the world, and which is involved in the existence of the human world at all.?

Royce, Spirit of Modern Philosophy, 264 ? ?The eternal resolution that, if the world will be tragic, it shall still, in Satan?s despite, be spiritual, is the very essence of the eternal joy of that World-Spirit of whose wisdom ours is but a fragmentary reflection? When you suffer, your sufferings are God?s sufferings, ? not his external work nor his external penalty, nor the fruit of his neglect, but identically his own personal woe. In you God himself suffers, precisely as you do, and has all your reason for overcoming this grief.? Henry N. Dodge, Christus Victor: ?O Thou, that from eternity Upon thy wounded heart hast borne Each pang and cry of misery Wherewith our human hearts are torn, Thy love upon the grievous cross Both glow, the beacon light of time, Forever sharing pain and loss With every man in every clime. How vast, how vast Thy sacrifice, As ages come and ages go, Still waiting till it shall suffice To draw the last cold heart and slow!?

On the question, Is God passable? see Bennett Tyler, Sufferings of Christ; A Layman, Sufferings of Christ; Woods, Works, 1:299-317; Bibliotheca Sacra, 11:744; 17:422-424; Emmons, Works, 4:201-208; Fairbairn, Place of Christ, 483-487; Bushnell, Vic. Sacrifice, 59-93; Kedney, Christ. Doctrine Harmonized, 1:185-245; Edward Beecher, Concord of Ages, 81- 204; Young, Life and Light of Men, 20-43, 147-150; Schaff, Hist. Christ. Church, 8:191; Crawford, Fatherhood of God, 43, 44; Anselm, Proslogion, cap. 8; Upton, Hibbert Lectures, 268; John Caird, Fund. Ideas of Christianity, 2:117, 118, 137-142. Per contra, see Shedd, Essays and Addresses, 277, 279 note; Woods, in Lit. and Theol. Rev., 1834:43- 61; Harris, God the Creator and Lord of All, 1:201. On the Biblical conception of Love in general, see article by James Orr, in Hastings? Bible Dictionary.

3. Holiness.

Holiness is self-affirming purity. In virtue of this attribute of his nature, God eternally wills and maintains his own moral excellence. In this definition are contained three elements: first, purity; secondly, purity willing; thirdly, purity willing itself.

<021511> Exodus 15:11 ? ?glorious in holiness?; 19:10-16 ? the people of Israel must purify themselves before they come into the presence of God;

<230603> Isaiah 6:3 ? ?Holy, holy, holy, is Jehovah of hosts? ? notice the contrast with the unclean lips, that must be purged with a coal from the

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