length of our weekdays. There is a series in both cases, and that is all.? We proceed now to the scheme:

1. The earth, if originally in the condition of a gaseous fluid, must have been void and formless as described in <010102>Genesis 1:2. Here the earth is not yet separated from the condensing nebula and its fluid condition is indicated by the term ?waters.?

2. The beginning of activity in matter would manifest itself by the production of light, since light is a resultant of molecular activity. This corresponds to the statement in verse 3. As the result of condensation, the nebula becomes luminous, and this process from darkness to light is described as follows: ?there was evening and there was morning one day. Here we have a day without a sun, which is a feature in the narrative quite consistent with two facts of science. First, that the nebula would naturally be self-luminous and secondly that the earth proper, which reached its present form before the sun, would, when it was thrown off, be itself a self-luminous and molten mass. The day was therefore continuous ? day without night.

3. The development of the earth into an independent sphere and its separation from the fluid around it answers to the dividing of ?the waters under the firmament from the waters above,? in verse 7. Here the word ?waters? is used to designate the ?primordial cosmic material? (Guyot, Creation, 35-37) or the molten mass of earth and sun united, from which the earth is thrown off. The term ?waters? is the best, which the Hebrew language affords to express this idea of a fluid mass. Psalm 148 seems to have this meaning, where it speaks of the waters that are above the heavens? (verse 4) ? waters which are distinguished from the deeps? below (verse 7), and the ?vapor? above (verse 8).

4. The production of the earth?s physical features by the partial condensation of the vapors, which enveloped the igneous sphere and, by the consequent outlining of the continents and oceans, is next described in verse 9 as the gathering of the waters into one place and the appearance of the dry land.

5. The expression of the idea of life in the lowest plants, since it was in type and effect the creation of the vegetable kingdom, is next described in verse 11 as a bringing into existence of the characteristic forms of that kingdom. This precedes all mention of animal life, since the vegetable kingdom is the natural basis of the animal. If it be said that our earliest fossils are animal, we reply that the earliest vegetable forms, the algae, were easily dissolved, and might as easily disappear, that graphite and

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