Waldo Emerson. Modern Judaism is pantheistic in its philosophy, and such also was the later Arabic philosophy of Mohammedanism. Single personality is felt to be insufficient to the mind conception of Absolute Perfection. We shrink from the thought of an eternally lonely God. ?We take refuge in the term Godhead.? The literati find relief in speaking of ?the gods.?? Twesten (translated in Bibliotheca Sacra, 3:502) ? ?There may be in polytheism an element of truth, though disfigured and misunderstood. John of Damascus boasted that the Christian Trinity stood midway between the abstract monotheism of the Jews and the idolatrous polytheism of the Greeks.? Twesten, quoted in Shedd, Dogm. Theology, 1:255 ? ?There is a plh>rwma in God. Trinity does not contradict Unity, but only that solitariness which is inconsistent with the living plenitude and blessedness ascribed to God in Scripture, and which God possesses in himself and independently of time finite.? Shedd himself remarks: ?The attempt of the Deist and the Socinian to construct the doctrine of divine Unity is a failure, because it fails to construct doctrine of the divine Personality. It contends by implication that God can be self-knowing as a single subject merely, without an object; without the distinctions involved in the subject contemplating, the object contemplated, and the perception of the identity of both.?

Mason, Faith of the Gospel, 75 ? ?God is no sterile and motionless unit.? Bp. Phillips Brooks: ?Unitarianism has got the notion of God as tight and individual as it is possible to make it, and is dying of its meager Deity.? Unitarianism is not the doctrine of one God ? for the Trinitarian holds to this; it is rather the uni-personality of this one God. The divine nature demands either an eternal Christ or an eternal creation. Dr. Calthorp, the Unitarian, of Syracuse, therefore consistently declares that ?Nature and God are the same.? It is the old worship of Baal and Ashtaroth ? the deification of power and pleasure. For ?Nature? includes everything ? all bad impulses as well as good. When a man discovers gravity, he has not discovered God, but only one of the manifestations of God.

Gordon, Christ of Today, 112 ? ?The supreme divinity of Jesus Christ is but the sovereign expression in human history of the great law of difference in identity that runs through the entire universe and that has its home in the heart of the Godhead.? Even James Freeman Clarke, in his Orthodoxy, its Truths and Errors, 434, admits that ?there is an essential truth hidden in the idea of the Trinity. While the church doctrine, in every form which it has taken, has failed to satisfy the human intellect, the human heart has clung to the substance contained in them all.? William Adams Brown: ?If God is by nature love, he must be by nature social.

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