certainty of a future state, and the principle of rewards and punishments there.

(d) Yet it is silent upon many questions for which writings of merely human origin seek first to provide solutions.

Compare the account of Christ?s infancy in the gospels with the fables of the Apocryphal New Testament; compare the scant utterances of Scripture with regard to the future state with Mohammed?s and Swedenborg?s revelations of Paradise. See Alexander McLaren?s sermon on The Silence of Scripture, in his book entitled: Christ in the Heart, 131141.

(e) There are infinite depths and inexhaustible reaches of meaning in Scripture, which difference it from all other books, and which compel us to believe that its author must be divine.

Sir Walter Scott, on his deathbed: ?Bring me the Book!? ?What book?? said Lockhart, his son-in- law. ?There is but one book!? said the dying man. Reville concludes an Essay in the Revue des deux Mondes (1864): ?One day the question was started, in an assembly, what book a man condemned to lifelong imprisonment, and to whom but one book would be permitted, had better take into his cell with him. The company consisted of Catholics, Protestants, philosophers and even materialists, but all agreed that their choice would fall only on the Bible.

On the whole subject, see Garbett, God?s Word Written, 3-56; Luthardt, Saving Truths, 210; Rogers, Superhuman Origin of Bible, 155-181; W.

L. Alexander, Connection and Harmony of Old Testament and New

Testament; Stanley Leathes, Structure of the Old Testament; Bernard, Progress of Doctrine in the New Testament; Rainy, Delivery and Development of Doctrine; Titcomb, in Strivings for the Faith; Immer, Hermeneutics, 91; Present Day Tracts, 4: no.23; 5: no. 28; 6 no. 31; Lee on Inspiration, 26-32.

2. Moral System of the New Testament.

The perfection of this system is generally conceded. All will admit that it greatly surpasses any other system known among men. Among its distinguishing characteristics may be mentioned:

(a) Its comprehensiveness, ? including all human duties in its code, even the most generally misunderstood and neglected, while it permits no vice whatsoever.

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