8. Vote to hear the candidate?s reasons for believing himself called to the ministry. Narration and questions.

9. Vote to hear the candidate?s views of Christian doctrine. Narration and questions.

10. Vote to conclude the public examination, and to withdraw for private session.

11. In private session, after prayer, the Council determines, by three separate votes in order to secure separate consideration of each question, whether it is satisfied with the candidate?s Christian experience, call to the ministry and views of Christian doctrine.

12. Vote that the candidate be hereby set apart to the gospel ministry and that a public service be held expressive of this fact, that for this purpose, a committee of two be appointed to act with the candidate in arranging such service of ordination and to report before adjournment.

13. Reading of minutes, by clerk of Council and correction of them to prepare for presentation at the ordination service, and for preservation in the archives of the church.

14. Vote to give the candidate a certificate of ordination, signed by the moderator and clerk of the Council and to publish an account of the proceedings in the journals of the denomination.

15. Adjourn to meet at the service of ordination.

P ROGRAMME O F P UBLIC S ERVICE (two hours in length).

1. Voluntary: five minutes.

2. Anthem: five minutes.

3. Reading minutes of the Council, by the clerk of the Council: ten minutes.

4. Prayer of invocation: five minutes.

5. Reading of Scripture: five minutes.

6. Sermon: twenty-five minutes.

7. Prayer of ordination, with the laying on of hands: fifteen minutes.

8. Hymn: ten minutes.

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