Ward, Naturalism and Agnosticism, 1:180 ? ?It is far truer to say that the universe is a life, than to say that it is a mechanism? we can never get to God through a mere mechanism. With Leibnitz I would argue that absolute passivity or inertness is not a reality but a limit. 269 ? Mr. Spencer grants that to interpret spirit in terms of matter is impossible. 302 ? Natural selection without teleological factors is not adequate to account for biological evolution, and such teleological factors imply a psychical something endowed with feelings and will, i.e. , Life and Mind. 2:130-135 ? Conation is more fundamental than cognition. 149-151 ? Things and events precede space and time. There is no empty space or time. 252-257 ? Our assimilation of nature is the greeting of spirit by spirit. 259-267 ? Either nature is itself intelligent, or there is intelligence beyond it. 274-276 ? Appearances do not veil reality. 274 ? The truth is not God and mechanism, but God only and no mechanism. 283 ? Naturalism and Agnostic, in spite of themselves, lead us to a world of Spiritualistic Monism.? Newman Smyth, Christian Ethics, 36 ? ?Spontaneous generation is a fiction in ethics, as it is in psychology and biology. The moral cannot be derived from the non-moral, any more than consciousness can be derived from the unconscious, or life from the azoic rocks.?

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