Spirit shows man the Christ in him. God above all = Father; God through all = Son; God in all = Holy Spirit ( <490406>Ephesians 4:6).?

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit has never yet been scientifically unfolded. No treatise on it has appeared comparable to Julius Muller?s Doctrine of Sin, or to I. A. Dorner?s History of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ. The progress of doctrine in the past has been marked by successive stages. Athanasius treated of the Trinity, Augustine of sin, Anselm of the atonement, Luther of justification, Wesley of regeneration and each of these unfolding of doctrine has been accompanied by religious awakening. We still wait for a complete discussion of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and believe that widespread revivals will follow the recognition of the omnipotent Agent in revivals. On the relations of the Holy Spirit to Christ, see Owen in Works, 3:152-159; on the Holy Spirit?s nature and work, see works by Faber, Smeaton, Tophel, G. Campbell Morgan, J. D. Robertson, Biederwolf; also C. E. Smith, The Baptism of Fire; J. D. Thompson, The Holy Comforter; Bushnell, Forgiveness and Law, last chapter Bp. Andrews, Works, 3:107-400; James S. Candish, Work of the Holy Spirit; Redford, Vox Dei; Andrew Murray, The Spirit of Christ; A.

J. Gordon, Ministry of the Spirit; Kuyper, Work of the Holy Spirit; J. E. Cumming, Through the Eternal Spirit; Lechler, Lehre vom Heiligen Geiste; Arthur, Tongue of Fire; A. H. Strong, Philosophy and Religion, 250-258, and Christ in Creation, 297-313.

3. Generation and procession consistent with equality.

That the Sonship of Christ is eternal, is intimated in <190207>Psalm 2:7. ?This day have I begotten thee? is most naturally interpreted as the declaration of an eternal fact in the divine nature. Neither the incarnation, the baptism, the transfiguration nor the resurrection marks the beginning of Christ?s Sonship or constitutes him Son of God. These are but a recognition or manifestation of a preexisting Sonship inseparable from his Godhood. He is ?born before every creature? (while yet no created thing existed ? see Meyer on <510115>Colossians 1:15) and ?by the resurrection of the dead? is not made to be, but only ?declared to be,? ?according to the Spirit of holiness? ( = according to his divine nature) ?the Son of God with power? (see Philippi and Alford on <450103>Romans 1:3, 4). This Sonship is unique ? not predicable of, or shared with, any creature. The Scriptures intimate, not only an eternal generation of the Son but also an eternal procession of the Spirit.

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