A.H. Strong, Sermon before the Baptist World Congress, London, 1905 ? ?Christianity is summed up in the two facts; Christ for us, and Christ in us. Christ for us (upon the Cross) reveals the eternal opposition of holiness to sin, and yet, through God?s eternal suffering for sin making objective atonement for us. Christ in us (by his Spirit) renewing in us the lost image of God, and abiding in us as the all-sufficient source of purity and power. Here are the two foci of the Christian ellipse: Christ for us, who redeemed us from the curse of the law by being made a curse for us and Christ in us, the hope of glory, whom the apostle calls the mystery of the gospel.

?We need Christ in us as well as Christ for us. How shall I, how shall society, find healing and purification within? Let me answer by reminding you of what they did at Chicago. There was in the world, no river more stagnant and fetid than was Chicago River.

Its sluggish stream received the sweepings of the watercraft and the offal of the city, and there was no current to carry the detritus away. There it settled and bred miasma and fever. At last it was suggested that, by cutting through the low ridge between the city and the Desplaines River, the current could be set running in the opposite direction and drainage could be secured into the Illinois River and the great Mississippi. At a cost of fifteen millions of dollars the cut was made, and now all the water of Lake Michigan can be relied upon to cleanse that turbid stream. What Chicago River could never do for itself, the Great Lake now does for it. So no human soul can purge itself of its sin and what the individual cannot do, humanity at large is powerless to accomplish. Sin has dominion over us and we are foul to the very depths of our being, until with the help of God we break through the barrier of our self-will, and let the floods of Christ?s purifying life flow into us. Then, in an hour, more is done to renew than all our efforts for years had effected. Thus humanity is saved, individual by individual, not by philosophy or philanthropy or self- development or self-reformation, but simply by joining itself to Jesus Christ and by being filled in Him with all the fullness of God.?

(c) Union with Christ gives to the believer the legal standing and rights of Christ. As Christ?s union with the race involves atonement, so the believer?s union with Christ involves Justification. The believer is entitled to take for his own all that Christ is, and all that Christ has done. This, because he has within him that new life of humanity which suffered in Christ?s death and rose from the grave in Christ?s resurrection. In other

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