spirit?; <662214>Revelation 22:14 ? ?Blessed are they that wash their robes, that they may have the right to come to the tree of life.?

The conclusions we have thus reached with regard to the incidents of man?s original state are combated upon two distinct grounds:

1st . The facts bearing upon man?s prehistoric condition point to a development from primitive savagery to civilization. Among these acts may be mentioned the succession of implements and weapons from stone to bronze and iron, the polyandry and communal marriage systems of the lowest tribes and the relics of barbarous customs still prevailing among the most civilized.

For the theory of an originally savage condition of man, see Sir john Lubbock, Prehistoric Times, and Origin of Civilization: ?The primitive condition of mankind was one of utter barbarism.? L. H. Morgan, Ancient Society, divides human progress into three great periods, the savage, the barbarian, and the civilized. Each of the two former has three states, as follows:

I. Savage:1. Lowest state, marked by attainment of speech and subsistence upon roots. 2. Middle state, marked by fish-food and fire. 3. Upper state, marked by use of the bow and hunting.

II. Barbarian:1. Lower state, marked by invention and use of pottery. 2. Middle state, marked by use of domestic animals, maize and building stone. 3. Upper state, marked by invention and use of iron tools.

III. Civilized man next appears, with the introduction of the phonetic alphabet and writing. J. S. Stuart-Glennie, Contemp. Rev., Dec. 1892:844, defines civilization as ?enforced social organization, with written records, and hence intellectual development and social progress.?

With regard to this view we remark:

(a) It is based upon an insufficient induction of facts. History shows a law of degeneration supplementing and often counteracting the tendency to development. In the earliest times of which we have any record, we find nations in a high state of civilization. In the case of every nation whose history runs back of the Christian era ? as for example, the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians ? the subsequent progressions have been downward and no nation is known to have recovered from barbarism except as the result of influence from without.

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