Election of certain individuals to salvation is election to bestow upon them such influences of the Spirit as will lead them not only to accept Christ but also to persevere and be saved. Union with Christ is indissoluble; regeneration is the beginning of a work of new creation, which is declared in justification and completed in sanctification. All these doctrines are parts of a general scheme, which would come to naught if any single Christian were permitted to fall away.

(b) It accords with analogy, God?s preserving care being needed by and being granted to his spiritual, as well as his natural, creation.

As natural life cannot uphold itself, but we ?live and move and have our being? in God ( <441728>Acts 17:28), so spiritual life cannot uphold itself and God maintains the faith, love and holy activity, which he has originated. If he preserves our natural life, much more may we expect him to preserve the spiritual. <540613>1 Timothy 6:13 ? ?I charge thee before God who preserveth all things alive? (R. V. margin) ? zwogonou~ntov ta< pa>nta ? the great Preserver of all enables us to persist in our Christian course.

(c) It is implied in all assurance of salvation since this assurance is given by the Holy Spirit and is based not upon the known strength of human resolution but upon the purpose and operation of God.

S. R. Mason: ?If Satan and Adam both fell away from perfect holiness, it is a million to one that, in a world full of temptations and with all appetites and habits against me, I shall fall away from imperfect holiness, unless God by his almighty power keep me.? It is in the power and purpose of God then, that the believer puts his trust. But since this trust is awakened by the Holy Spirit, it must be that there is a divine fact corresponding to it namely, God?s purpose to exert his power in such a way that the Christian shall persevere. See Wardlaw, Syst, Theol., 2:550- 578; N. W. Taylor, Revealed Theology, 445-460.

<180611> Job 6:11 ? ?What is my strength, that I should wait? And what is mine end, that I should be patient?? ?Here is a note of self-distrust. To be patient without any outlook, to endure without divine support ? Job does not promise it and he trembles at the prospect but, none the less, he sets his feet on the toilsome way? (Genung). Dr. Lyman Beecher was asked whether he believed in the perseverance of the saints. He replied: ?I do, except when the wind is from the East.? But the value of the doctrine is that we can believe it even when the wind is from the East, It is well to hold on to God?s hand, but it is better to have God?s hand hold on to us. When we are weak and forgetful and asleep, we need to be sure of God?s

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