term by remembering that all real knowledge has in it a divine element, and that we are possessed of complete consciousness only as we live, move, and have our being in God. Since Christ, the divine Logos or Reason, is ?the light which lighteth every man?( <430109>John 1:9), a special influence of ?the spirit of Christ which was in them? ( <600111>1 Peter 1:11) rationally accounts for the fact that ?men spake from God, being moved by the Holy Spirit? ( <600121>1 Peter 1:21).

It may help our understanding of terms above employed if we adduce instances of

(1) Inspiration without revelation, as in Luke or Acts, <420101>Luke 1:1-3;

(2) Inspiration including revelation, as in the Apocalypse, Revelations 1:1, 11;

(3) Inspiration without illumination, as in the prophets, <600111>1 Peter 1:11;

(4) Inspiration including illumination, as in the case of Paul, <460212>1 Corinthians 2:12;

(5) Revelation without inspiration, as in God?s words from Sinai, <022001> Exodus 20:1,22;

(6) Illumination without inspiration, as in modern preachers, <490220> Ephesians 2:20.

Other definitions are those of Park: ?Inspiration is such an influence over the writers of the Bible that all their teachings which have a religious character are trustworthy?; of Wilkinson: ?Inspiration is help front God to keep the report of divine revelation free from error Help to whom? No matter to whom, so the result is secured. The final result, viz.: the record or report of revelation, this must be free from error. Inspiration may affect one or all of the agents employed?; of Hovey: ?Inspiration was an influence of the Spirit of God on those powers of men which are concerned in the reception, retention and expression of religious truth ? an influence so pervading and powerful that the teaching of inspired men was according to the mind of God. Their teaching did not in any instance embrace all truth in respect to God, or man, or the way of life; but it comprised just so much of the truth on any particular subject as could be received in faith by the inspired teacher and made useful to those whom he addressed. In this sense the teaching of the original documents composing our Bible may be pronounced free from error?; of G. B. Foster: ?Revelation is the action of God in the soul of his child, resulting in divine self-expression there. Inspiration is the action of God in the soul of his

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