in certainty; what grows is the mind?s quickness in applying it and power of expressing it. The intuition is not complex; what is complex is the Being intuitively cognized. See Calderwood, Moral Philosophy 232; Lownes, Philos. of Primary Beliefs, 108-112; Luthardt, Fund. Truths, 157 ? Latent faculty of speech is called forth by speech of others; the choked-up well flows again when debris is cleared away. Bowen, in Bibliotheca Sacra, 33:740-754; Bowne, Theism, 79.

Knowledge of a person is turned into personal knowledge by actual communication or revelation. First, comes the intuitive knowledge of God possessed by all men ? the assumption that there exists a Reason, Power, Perfection, Personality, that makes correct thinking and acting possible. Secondly, comes the knowledge of God?s being and attributes which nature and Scripture furnish. Thirdly, comes the personal and presentative knowledge derived from actual reconciliation and intercourse with God, through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Stearns, Evidence of Christian Experience, 208 ? ?Christian experience verifies the claims of doctrine by experiment, ? so transforming probable knowledge into real knowledge.? Biedermann, quoted by Pfleiderer, Grundriss, 18 ? ?God reveals himself to the human spirit,

1. as its infinite Ground, in the reason;

2. as its infinite Norm, in the conscience;

3. as its infinite Strength, in elevation to religious truth, blessedness, and freedom.?

Shall I object to this Christian experience, because only comparatively few have it, and I am not among the number? Because I have not seen the moons of Jupiter, shall I doubt the testimony of the astronomer to their existence? Christian experience, like the sight of the moons of Jupiter, is attainable by all. Clarke, Christian Theology, 113

One who will have full proof of the good God?s reality must put it to the experimental test. He must take the good God for real, and receive the confirmation that will follow. When faith reaches out after God, it finds him... They who have found him will be the sanest and truest of their kind, and their convictions will be among the safest convictions of man...Those who live in fellowship with the good God will grow in goodness, and will give practical evidence of his existence aside from their oral testimony.?

2. The Scriptures, therefore, do not attempt to prove the existence of God, but, on the other hand, both assume and declare that the knowledge that

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