eternal Revealer of the divine essence.? Bushnell: ?Mirror of creative imagination?; ?form of God.?

Word = 1. Expression; 2. Definite expression; 3. Ordered expression; 4. Complete expression. We make thought definite by putting it into language. So God?s wealth of ideas is in the Word formed into an ordered Kingdom, a true Cosmos; see Mason Faith of the Gospel,76. Max Muller: ?A word is simply spoken thought made audible as sound. Take away from a word the sound and what is left is simply the thought of it.? Whiton, Gloria Patri, 72, 73 ? ?The Greek saw in the word the abiding thought behind the passing form. The Word was God and yet finite ? finite only as to form; infinite as to what the form suggests or expresses. By Word, some form must be meant, and any form is finite. The Word is the form taken by the infinite Intelligence which transcends all forms.? We regard this identification of the Word with the finite manifestation of the Word as contradicted by <430101>John 1:1, where the Word is represented as being with God before creation, and by <501706>Philippians 2:6, where the Word is represented as existing in the form of God before his self- limitation in human nature. Scripture requires us to believe in an objectification of God to himself in the person of the Word prior to any finite manifestation of God to men. Christ existed as the Word, and the Word was with God, before the Word was made flesh and before the world came into being; in other words, the Logos was the eternal principle of truth or self-consciousness in the nature of God,

Passages representing Christ as the Image of God are <510115>Colossians 1:15 ? ?who is the image of the invisible God?; <470404>2 Corinthians 4:4 ? ?Christ who is the image of God? eijkw>n ; <580103>Hebrews 1:3 ? ?the very image of his substance? carakth<r th~v uJposta>sewv aujtou~ ; here carakth>r means ?impress,? ?counterpart.? Christ is the perfect image of God, as men are not. He therefore has consciousness and will. He possesses all the attributes and powers of God. The word ?Image? suggests the perfect equality with God, which the title ?Son ?might at first seem to deny. The living Image of God which is equal to himself and is the object of his infinite love can be nothing less than personal. As the bachelor can never satisfy his longing for companionship by lining his room with mirrors which furnish only a lifeless reflection of himself, so God requires for his love a personal as well as an infinite object. The Image is not precisely the repetition of the original. The stamp from the seal is not precisely the reproduction of the seal. The letters on the seal run backwards and can be easily read only when the impression is before us. So Christ is the only interpretation and revelation of the hidden

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