2. The sin which they committed was ?an eternal sin? (cf. <410329>Mark 3:29).

3. They sinned with clearer intellect and fuller knowledge than ours was ( cf. <422334>Luke 23:34).

4. Their incorporeal being aggravated their sin and made it analogous to our sinning against the Holy Spirit (cf. <401231>Matthew 12:31, 32).

5. This incorporeal being gave no opportunity for Christ to objectify his grace and visibly to join himself to them (cf. <580216>Hebrews 2:16).

6. Their persistence in evil, in spite of their growing knowledge of the character of God as exhibited in human history, has resulted in a hardening of heart, which is not susceptible of salvation.

Yet angels were created in Christ ( <510116>Colossians 1:16); they consist in him ( <510117>Colossians 1:17); he must suffer in their sin; God would save them, if he consistently could. Dr. G. W. Samson held that the Logos became an angel before he became man and that this explains his appearances as ?the angel of Jehovah? in the Old Testament ( <012211>Genesis 22:11). It is not asserted that all fallen angels shall be eternally tormented ( <661410>Revelation 14:10). In terms equally strong ( <402541>Matthew 25:41;

<662010> Revelation 20:10) the existence of a place of eternal punishment for wicked men is declared, but nevertheless we do not believe that all men will go there in spite of the fact that all men are wicked. The silence of Scripture with regard to a provision of salvation for fallen angels does not prove that there is no such provision. <610204>2 Peter 2:4 shows that evil angels have not received final judgment but are in a temporary state of existence and their final state is yet to be revealed. If God has not already provided, may he not yet provide redemption for them. The ?elect angels? ( <540521>1 Timothy 5:21) may be those whom God has predestinated to stand this future probation and be saved, while only those who persist in their rebellion will be consigned to the lake of fire and brimstone ( <662010>Revelation 20:10)?

The keeper of a young tigress patted her head and she licked his hand. But when she grew older she seized his hand with her teeth and began to crunch it. He pulled away his hand in shreds. He learned not to fondle a tigress. Let us learn not to fondle Satan. Let us not be ?ignorant of his devices? ( <470211>2 Corinthians 2:11). It is not well to keep loaded firearms in the chimney corner. ?They who fear the adder?s sting will not come near her hissing.? Talmage: ?O Lord, help us to hear the serpent?s rattle before we feel its fangs.? Ian Maclaren, Cure of Souls, 215 ? The pastor

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trembles for a soul, ?when he sees the destroyer hovering over it like a hawk poised in midair and would have it gathered beneath Christ?s wing.?

Thomas K. Beecher: ?Suppose I lived on Broadway where the crowd was surging past in both directions all the time. Would I leave my doors and windows open, saying to the crowd of strangers: ?Enter my door, pass through my hall, come into my parlor, make yourselves at home in my dining room, go up into my bedchambers?? No! I would have my windows and doors barred and locked against intruders, to be opened only to me and mine and those I would have as companions. Yet here we see foolish men and women stretching out their arms and saying to the spirits of the vastly deep: ?Come in, and take possession of me. Write with my hands, think with my brain, speak with my lips and walk with my feet. Use me as a medium for whatever you will? God respects the sanctity of man?s spirit. Even Christ stands at the door and knocks. Holy Spirit, fill me so that there shall be room for no other?.? ( <660320>Revelation 3:20; <490518>Ephesians 5:18.)

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