directly responsible to Christ for his use of the means of knowledge and for his obedience to Christ?s commands when these are known.

How far does the authority of the church extend? It certainly has no right to say what its members shall eat and drink, to what societies they shall belong, what alliances in marriage or in business they shall contract. It has no right, as an organized body, to suppress vice in the community or to regenerate society by taking sides in a political canvass. The members of the church, as citizens, have duties in all these lines of activity. The function of the church is to give them religious preparation and stimulus for their work. In this sense, however, the church is to influence all human relations. It follows the model of the Jewish commonwealth rather than that of the Greek state. The Greek po>liv was limited because it was the affirmation of only personal rights. The Jewish commonwealth was universal because it was the embodiment of the one divine will. The Jewish state was the most comprehensive of the ancient world, admitting freely the incorporation of new members and looking forward to a worldwide religious communion in one faith. So the Romans gave to conquered lands the protection and the rights of Rome. But the Christian church is the best example of incorporation in conquest. See Westcott, Hebrews, 386, 387; John Fiske, Beginnings of New England, 1-20; Dagg, Church Order, 74-99; Curtis on Communion, 1-61.

Abraham Lincoln: ?This country cannot be half slave and half free? = the one part will pull the other over; there is an irrepressible conflict between them. So it is with the forces of Christ and of Antichrist in the world at large. Alexander Duff: ?The church that ceases to be evangelistic will soon cease to be evangelical.? We may add that the church that ceases to be evangelical will soon cease to exist. The Fathers of New England proposed ?to advance the gospel in these remote parts of the world, even if they should be but as stepping stones to those who were to follow them.? They little foresaw how their faith and learning would give character to the great West. Church and school went together. Christ alone is the Savior of the world, but Christ alone cannot save the world. Zinzendorf called his society ?The Mustard seed Society? because it should remove mountains ( <401720>Matthew 17:20). Hermann, Faith and Morals, 91, 238 ? ?It is not by means of things that pretend to be imperishable that Christianity continues to live on. But by the fact that there are always persons to be found who, by their contact with the Bible traditions become witnesses to the personality of Jesus and follow him as their guide and therefore acquire sufficient courage to sacrifice themselves for others.?

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